Abraham Art - Kate Frizalis

Kate Frizalis was born in Moscow, and currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv. Kate works in various media such as painting on canvas, sketches and graphics on paper, street art, muralism, digital and video art. She constantly participates in a variety of art projects, exhibitions of underground and independent art, collaborations with various design projects. Kate says: Abstraction, movement, path. Any definition makes the process hidebound, flat and primitive. In order to preserve the essence, freedom is necessary, and freedom is impossible within the framework of any concepts and definitions. Freedom is an emptiness in which there are all options for development at once. This thought inspires me. The speed of our time, its variability, diversity inspires me. I feel comfortable in this information flow. Impermanence, imperfection, spontaneity, absurdity, play. Scraps of phrases or travel signs, the contrast between color and texture, the connection between form and rhythm, the bark of a tree in a park, graffiti on the streets of a megalopolis, human relations, languages – all this is an abstract, subtle mix that inspires me 24/7. Creativity for me is the study of life, interaction with myself and the world.