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Standing Strong Together

Donation campaign to host evacuated families at Abraham

We are at War

Israel is at war and the end is not in sight. Abraham mobilizes to help. This is the time for  brotherhood and mutual aid.

Hosting Evacuees Free of Charge

Abraham opened its doors in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Eilat, and Nazareth and hosts free-of-charge families of evacuees from villages and kibbutzim on the border with Gaza. As time passes, the circle of evacuees grows, and we receive requests from cities in the south and north of the country to come and stay with us. We gladly host these guests and try to take care of all their needs: mental support ,work shops for children, food, and more. Civil organizations started to help us and we are grateful for any contribution that comes to help.

Your Help is Needed

We cannot cover the costs on our own and because we see that the situation will go on, we are starting to collect donations for hosting and caring for the families of the evacuees in Abraham. We will be very grateful for donations. All donations will go to cover the costs of hosting evacuated families. 

Host a family with your donation

For donations of over  $10,000

or for donations eligible for tax benefits under section 46,

please contact Uri Sharon by email – [email protected] 

An invoice will be issued for each donation.

*We don’t receive transfers through Diners credit cards.

Donations are recieved also via a bank transfer

Abraham Tours Ltd. -Id Number: 515 762 524

Ha-Nevi’im St 67, Jerusalem, 94702

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
Bank Address : Heleni ha-Malka St 9, Jerusalem  

IL   65  0204  0300  0000  0088  296


Peace in Israel and the Middle East

We maintain optimism amid the grief and sorrow that has befallen Israel and are confident that together we will get through this period. Only through joint action, connecting all parts of society that are currently being mobilized, will we be able to treat each other with respect and dignity as fellow human beings, and overcome this difficult crisis together.

In Abraham, we still believe that peace in the Middle East is possible and know in our hearts that all people and nations can coexist in peace, collaborating and bringing prosperity to the entire region.