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Abraham Jerusalem

Friday 17.2, 12:00

free entrance

Clothes Swap Party

We all have these amazing pieces in our closets that we never wear

This is your time to swap them with others’!

Abraham’s first Clothes Swap Party- It is free 💸, it is fun🎉, it is good for the environment🌿, and it’s a great way to spend Friday afternoon😎 DJ, yummy treats, Abraham Bar and free shopping.


Clothes Swap Guidelines:

  • All participants can bring a minimum of 5 items and a maximum of 20 items
  • Bring items in good condition only (the items will be checked by the clothes swap party checker)
  • For each item you will get a voucher which you will exchange for a new item of clothing
  • All clothes remaining at the end of the party will be donated to charity

Starting at 12:00 at the Abraham Jerusalem Lounge



We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.