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About Aqua Sun Village


Aqua Sun Village creates an overall experience of relaxing and fun beach hospitality experience, diverse cultural activities within the Village (exhibitions, workshops, performances, lectures, etc.), and various tours & sea activities that go out on a regular basis. The goal is to become a hub for international tourism. A social-cultural meeting place open to everyone.

Abraham Group is the exclusive distributor of Aqua Sun Village, an amazing beach village on the shores of Sinai. 

Aqua Sun Village

Aqua Sun Village, is an amazing beach village, 30 minutes drive from the border. The Village was built according to the principles of sustainable tourism: low ecological construction from local materials that blends in with the scenic environment and preserves the existing landscape and natural values. The rooms are within touching distance of the sea (closest – few meters from the sea). 1.5 km of private beach! The public spaces are where things happen. A huge lounge, including a restaurant, a one-of-a-kind roof terrace, a beach bar, and more.

So what’s up in Aqua-San Village: plenty of outdoor sitting places, a fruit shake bar, a sun terrace, an indoor restaurant, a lounge, and an outdoor buffet. Room types in several categories: spacious and unique located on the beachfront, spacious economy rooms, superior rooms with various designs, family rooms, extra-large family rooms for up to 5 people. Dorm rooms for FIT and groups (coming soon).

The Village kitchen cooks simple and excellent local food. Some of the raw materials are grown locally, some will come from organic farms in Egypt and everything is prepared that day. You can relax at the beach or at the outdoor sitting areas, or snorkel in the sea. According to our hospitality tradition, there will be lots of things happening in the Village: quiet performances, exhibitions, workshops, and more (coming soon).

From the Village, there are regular tours to Santa Catarina, the deep desert, the Blue Lagoon, and many more options. The Village will offer marine activities like SAP, kayaks, diving safaris, and snorkeling. Everything is run by the local team that has developed a world of desert and sea activities, and local cultural activities. In a nutshell, a relaxing beach and dessert hospitality experience in the most beautiful place in Sinai with a variety of village activities and tours in the area to choose from. Tours and activities are coming soon


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.