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Aqua Sun Abraham Location

Aqua Sun Abraham is a spectacular beach village, 30 minutes drive from the border. It can be reached directly from the Taba border crossing or by flight to Sharm el-Sheikh and a car ride (approx 2 hours) to Aqua Sun Abraham. At walking distance from your room, you can enjoy 1.5 km of private beach with clear waters! There are regular tours from the village to Saint Catherine’s Monastery, to the desert, to the Blue Lagoon, as well as daily activities (Tours will start soon – we’ll update).

main locations

  • Aqua Sun Abraham
  • Taba Border
    30 min drive
  • Saint Catherine's Monastery
    2 Hours drive
  • Sharm el-Sheikh
    2 Hours drive

By Air

Flight to Ramon Airport, and from there you can reach the border with bus line 30 or by taxi.

On Foot

This refers, of course, to the land border crossing at Taba. It is recommended to arrive at Taba by bus or taxi. There is no regulated parking area near the border, and on weekends and holidays it may be difficult to find parking in Eilat. For full detailed information about the Taba border crossing, press here

By Car

It takes approximately an hour and a half to cross the border with a car. It is recommended to arrive in the morning to avoid the rush, preferably with the exact fare (otherwise your change will probably become a tip whether you want it to or not). On the Israeli side, at the counter where you will pay the crossing fee, you must also pay NIS 26 to have your vehicle license translated. Then you will go through passport control.

By Bus

The southernmost point from where you can go the Sinai by bus is Eilat. Buses to Eilat leave from many locations in Israel. (You can check on the Egged website.) When you arrive at the Eilat Central Bus Station, you can take bus line 15 which leaves regularly for the Taba border crossing, or you can take a taxi

From Egypt

Travelling to Aqua Sun Abraham from Sharm El Sheikh is a pretty simple route. It's almost 173 Km from the Sharm El Sheikh City Border to our location with an approx 2 hours car drive. Leave Sharm El Sheikh looking for the "Sharm El Sheikh - Dahab Road" and drive for almost 3-4 km Following that, look for road signs with "Dahab - Nuweiba Road" direction and drive for about 170 km until you find a gate with Aqua Sun on it. Drive-in and we will be waiting to welcome you at the driveway.

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