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Trip to Jerusalem: All of the information you Need to get to & get Around the Ancient City

The Guide to Israel > Trip to Jerusalem: All of the information you Need to get to & get Around the Ancient City
Jerusalem is a beautiful city with a rich, ancient history. When you enter, you feel as though you have gone back in time. It is a magical place, home to Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Armenians, as well as thousands of tourists every year. When you go, make sure to visit the Western Wall or the Shuk Mahane Yehuda. Make your trip to Jerusalem easy and simple with Abraham Hostel's transportation tips!

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How to Get to Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport 

The easiest way to move on your trip to Jerusalem.. by Nesher Taxis. (sherut – meaning, shared taxi), which will take you directly to where you are staying in Jerusalem from Ben Gurion Airport. Shuttles leave frequently (they run 24/7) and go to all major cities in Israel. See the Western Wall and make your trip to Jerusalem easier for just 60 shekel. This is the only option on Shabbat, so it is helpful if you are traveling then. Going to Jerusalem, the bus is more crowded but you do not have to reserve a seat. When going to the airport, however, you need to book a spot and there are less people on the shuttle. This is because the company wants to help you get to the airport on time. 

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Bicycling in Jerusalem

The cheapest way.. by bus. The bus number 485 runs 24 hours to Jerusalem. It leaves from Ben Gurion Airport once an hour and stops at the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. You can purchase tickets on the bus from the bus driver, costing 16 shekel so make sure to have cash. After you arrive at the Central Bus Station, you can take a cab, bus, or light rail to your destination. Remember that all public transportation in Israel does not run on Shabbat, so if you are landing anytime between Friday afternoon to Saturday night, have a different plan.


The most comfortable way.. to get a taxi. When you exit the airport, look for the taxi line coordinated by an official security person. Agree on the price beforehand or check that they have a meter to avoid confusion. Prices are legally set, though the driver can charge for luggage. Expect a taxi to Jerusalem to be between 220-300 shekel depending on time of day, number of passengers, and amount of luggage. Taxis, like shuttles, will make your trip to Jerusalem run smoothly from Ben Gurion airport. Travel to Jerusalem in an easy way by taxi. 


The most adventurous way to get around on your trip to Jerusalem..

.. is to rent a car. Put your trip to Jerusalem into your own hands by driving from Ben Gurion Airport. You can rent a car online, and pick it up right at the airport. Compare prices online to obtain the best deal for you. Make sure you have an internationally valid driver’s license if you are considering this option. Traffic can be really bad, but it is a great way to get to see gates of Jerusalem, the four quarters, or the Shuk Machane Yehuda. 

Driving in Jerusalem

How to get Around Jerusalem Once you are There

The cheapest way to travel on your trip to Jerusalem.. by bus. Make your trip to Jerusalem inexpensive and easy, all thanks to our Rav-Kav cards. A Rav-Kav card, as seen on the company’s website, is similar to a D


ebit Card, in that anyone can purchase a card for a flat fee, then you can load money onto the card at an ATM. You can travel through Israel on a budget by only putting a certain amount on the card at a time, or purchasing a weekly or daily pass. Your trip to Israel just got a lot easier! Now, when getting onto the bus, all you have to do is scan your card on a screen (you cannot miss it, as it is right at the front of the bus and in the center). You have paid your bus fee and can get to where you need to go. This card replaces the need for individual bus tickets, and is eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for paper shekel. 

Buses usually run late into the night, and the schedule can be found here. There is a central bus station in Jerusalem. It is important to remember that from Friday night to Saturday night, in observance of the Sabbath, buses do not run. To figure out which bus you need to take, and which bus stop to go to, I recommend the Moovit App, It is very simple and easy to understand. 

Bus in Jerusalem

An efficient way Cfir! Your trip to Jerusalem is not complete without Cfir. The company is Jerusalem’s primary light rail operator–they are in charge of trains that run through the city. The “red line” runs from Pisgat Ze’ev to Mount Herzl. In order to pay for your travels, you can use your Rav-Kav card or you can purchase a single, paper ticket which will get you only one train ride. It is not possible to buy tickets once on the train already. One can see which train they need to take by checking the website linked previously, and clicking on “Travel Planning.” If you are driving to the train station yourself, there are three parking lots available in different areas: Herzl, Zalman Shragai Street, and Gal Street (Pisgat Ze’ev). If you’d like to see Masada at sunrise, click here!

Light Rail Jerusalem


An inexpensive alternative


…is Tik Tak! Download the TikTak app, and get a shuttle to your desired location. You will have to share the shuttle with others, but it does make the ride much cheaper. Brought to you by the same people who made New York City’s Via is the app that helps your trip to Jerusalem go smoothly–at a low cost. If you want to have a Shabbat experience like no other in Jerusalem, see this site


An active way to move on your trip to Jerusalem


…is to walk! Getting from “point A” to “point B” in some parts of the city is easy to do by foot. Get your exercise in while taking a leisurely stroll and see the sights of the Mahane Yehuda Market, or the Kotel in the Old City. Google Maps is a huge help when it comes to finding directions for walking, specifically. If you’d be interested in seeing the Old City, visit this page

Walking in Jerusalem



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