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Eilat’s Manta

Manta was the result of the thought process of sound and lighting producer Sholi Oded, who was asked to find a unique monumental piece of art for the hostel’s lounge space. Having researched and developed the concept, Sholi teamed up with kinetic sculpture artist Guy Hadani. Guy’s artistic style fit very well with the design vision for the hostel – innovative, futuristic, as if coming from another world that is between reality and fantasy.

Guy’s practice in kinetic sculpture began out of an interest in movement; “I would observe reality – about animals, engines, aeronautics, trying to understand the origin of movement and how to produce it. After a number of small works, the desire arose in me to allow the movement to expand beyond the human and natural scale, beyond my scale.” For Guy, the movement breaks down into two dimensions; One dimension is the visible one, which reflects physical movement in space – a moving hand, a falling leaf, waves in the sea, running horses. The second dimension expresses the inner movement – thoughts, feelings, actions arising from the human soul.

The merging of the two dimensions together, enables the creation of art that invites not only observation, but also an opening to an emotional experience. The mint is assembled as a kind of machine, made of industrial materials such as iron and lead, and floats by a massive and complicated engine. And yet, the feeling of a living organism hovers around her, some kind of unfamiliar creature, living and breathing. In order to intensify this aquatic-heavenly atmosphere, Shuli designed a complex lighting system, which takes the manta and the spectators on a transformative journey between day and night. Key partners in the creative process: Guy Palumbo, Shahar Kusht, Miki Schavish

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