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Why do we travel? What draws all of us to visit other places? Going back to the days of the explorers, the curiosity to discover, learn, and taste new cultures is something that motivates us all over the world. Based on this approach, we opened Abraham, which is meant to be not just a place to sleep, but also an independent creative space that is a cultural microcosm of its own.

Graffiti and Permanent Exhibits

Graffiti works started covering our walls after the opening of the Tel Aviv branch, out of a desire to bring a part of the urban vibe from the street into the hostel itself. Very quickly, the other places also began inviting artists, and the spray can is still at work… alongside the wall paintings, the spaces and corridors are filled with permanent displays – sculptures, photos, and other works – that have become an inseparable part of the hostel.


An essential part of the artistic activity at Abraham is the presence of exhibitions all over the hostel, from rotating exhibitions in the galleries to permanent exhibitions in the corridors and shared spaces. The hostel serves as an alternative artists’ house, and seeks to redefine the concepts of “museum” and “display spaces.” We host individual exhibitions, group exhibitions, and graduate exhibitions on and in a wide range of topics and mediums, that provide different and unusual angles of local creation.

Special Projects