Abraham Art - Yonatan Talmore and Nir Fortiansky

Yonatan Talmore and Nir Fortiansky

White Night, Yonatan Talmore and Nir Portiansky, 2018, a series of photographs. The series of works were photographed in Wolfson Park, located at the meeting point of the cities of Tel Aviv, Givatayim, and Ramat Gan. The highlight of the park is at the top of the hill; “White Square”, an environmental sculpture created by the artist Danny Karvan and in it various gestures to the landscapes of Tel Aviv. The sculpture is interactive and was designed to be a place for recreation and play, and at the same time to be a refuge, a disconnection from the city and a point of observation of it.

Talmore and Portiansky accepted the invitation to play and have fun, but instead of looking back at the city they chose to look at the statue itself; During a whole night, they ran between the buildings that make it up, accompanied by tiny red and white LED lights. By means of long exposure photography, the light emanating from the lanterns turned into bright and windy strokes of color, in a way that embodies the meaning of the term “photography” – drawing in light. The whirling and frenetic LED movements and the intense and artificial colors stand in contrast to the gravity and silence in Karvan’s sculpture. Precisely from this contrast, the power of each of the works is enhanced.

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