Abraham Art- Nico Amortegui

Nico Amortegui

Nico Amortagi was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and since the 1990s has lived and worked in North Carolina in the United States. He often creates large-scale paintings on canvas or wooden boards, and in recent years he has also begun to engage in sculpture and woodworking alongside the use of readymades (art from existing objects).

His works are full of color spots full of power and emotion, a symbol of his energetic and lively nature. He does not usually work with preparatory drawings and creates the work directly and intuitively on the substrate. Niko testifies to his work: “My art stems from the experience of being an immigrant and the constant existence between two cultures shaped who I am and accordingly the components of my works. I am 100% Latino – Colombian and American in equal measure.”

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"I am not a great cook, I am not a great artist, but I love art, and I love food, so I am the perfect traveller"

Michael Palin (Monty Python)