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Give Me Your Hand


Abraham Gallery is hosting the exhibition “Give Me Your Hand”, a group exhibition dealing with one of humanbeing’s most useful organs – hands. Hands welcome babies into the world, secure and protect the first steps, hold and carry until they become independent and able to move on their own. The baby’s hands are used as a means of exploration and navigation, through which he explores his environment, touches, feels, senses, discovers. The hands grow and learn together with us; From the careful and searching movements of the baby, to the perfect control of an artisan or craftsman. A protecting hand, an attacking hand, a helping hand, a pushing hand. Choking hands, hugging hands. From ancient times, the hand became a motif that acquired a symbolic and magical status. Many symbols are decorated with different hand positions, as a symbol of strength, battle and resistance or as protection against the evil eye. The participating artists will exhibit their hand-made works presenting different interpretations of the concept “hand”, using different mediums including painting, illustration, graphics, ceramics, photography, assemblage and glass.

While the majority of our hostel areas are already accessible, we are still in the process of completing this task in our galleries. Therefore, unfortunately the upcoming exhibition will not be accessible. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding during this process.

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