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The Best Restaurants in Bohol – Our List of the Top Eats in Panglao

The Best Restaurants in Bohol – Our List of the Top Eats in Panglao

The Guide to Philippines > The Best Restaurants in Bohol – Our List of the Top Eats in Panglao
We made it our quest to find Panglao’s best eats! The list below is a compilation of the best restaurants Bohol has to offer. We constantly edit this list in order to provide the most up to date information. 

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Which are the best restaurants in Bohol? It’s one of the first questions raised by tourists visiting the island. Luckily for you, most of the best restaurants in the whole island are in the Alona area in Panglao – the heart of this island’s touristy area, and very close to Abraham Bohol. These aren’t just tourist oriented restaurants, as these establishments are frequently visited by locals from Tagbilaran and Bohol allover who want to enjoy great food! 



Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Price: $$
Opening time: 12:00-22:00
Best seller: Seafood Fried Rice, Buta Myo Don

One of the most unique restaurants in Panglao, Barwoo is a great example for a well executed Asian Fusion restaurant. This place drifted from its strong Korean roots, and mixes influences of different pan-Asian cuisines.



Toto e Pepino

Cuisine: Italian
Price: $$
Opening time: 10:00-22:00
Best seller: Truffle Pizza, Tiramisu

Perhaps the best Neapolitan Pizza in the Philippines, with a pizza oven imported straight from Napoli. With fast service and solid Italian food, Toto E Pepino quickly became a local favorite since it’s opening in 2021. Be sure to try their pizza while you’re in Panglao.


toto e pepino


Bollywood Tadka

Cuisine: Indian
Price: $$
Opening time: 12:00-22:00
Best seller: Palak Paneer, Butter Chicken

Bohol’s best Indian restaurant – with authentic flavors and a tropical atmosphere. You can find all of your Indian favorites with many vegetarian options! The Indian Owners are very welcoming, and will gladly guide you through the many options offered in their menu.


bollywood tadka


Andrea’s Eatery

Cuisine: Filipino
Price: $
Opening time: 08:00-17:00
Best seller: Mongos, Adobo, Giniling

A local eatery, hidden between resorts, and accessible through a small alley. It’s very easy to miss this homey little place that looks completely ordinary from the outside. However, this is one of the most popular spots among expats and locals living in Panglao. Andrea’s Filipino food is delicious and cheap. It’s a great place to try local food on a budget.


andrea eatery



Cuisine: Filipino
Price: $$
Opening time: 08:00-22:00
Best seller: Caldareta, Pork Sisig

Jose is one of the best FIlipino restaurants we tried! You can try a variety of freshly cooked Filipino dishes, classic and beyond! Whether you’re familiar with Filipino food or not, this is a great restaurant to visit while in Panglao. Amazing Filipino cookery and cold local craft beers, what else can you ask for?




Lekker Garden

Cuisine: South African, Eclectic
Price: $$
Opening time: Wednesday-Monday 9:00-21:00
Best seller: Israeli Salad, Lekker’s Chicken Skewers

This small little spot is a bit far from Alona, and will require a motorbike or a tricycle to get there – but we think it’s definitely worth it. It’s a house converted to a restaurant where you can find a collection of dishes from around the world! They have many vegetarian options as well as delicious meaty ones.


lekker garden


Black Stone

Cuisine: German, Continental
Price: $$
Opening time: 07:00-10:00, 17:00-21:00
Best seller: Steaks, Grilled Seafood

This is perhaps the best place to eat a steak in Panglao. Black Stone Restaurant which is located in Royal Palms Resort, accessible from a narrow alley in Tawala area. It’s a bit hard to find, but this spot is a perfect place for a nice dinner, a date, or some quiet quality time. The menu is loaded with many options, from Filipino, to South East Asian to European.


black stone


Wonderland Sayaw Thai Food

Cuisine: Thai
Price: $$
Opening time: 12:00-15:00, 17:00-22:30
Best seller: Pad Thai, Green Curry, Tom Yam

So you’re in the Bohol, Philippines, but feel like eating Thai food? That’s not a sin – and Wonderland Sayaw is an authentic Thai restaurant that offers a variety of original Thai dishes cooked by a Thai chef. It’s a bit far from the center but definitely worth the drive.


Wonderland Sayaw Thai Food


Mist Cafe

Cuisine: Coffee Shop
Price: $$
Opening time: 12:00-22:00
Best seller: Coffee, Juice, Seafood Fried Noodles

Mist is very popular for its beauty! The structure combines elements of nature, plants, wood, cement, and steel, into what looks like a mesmerising bird cage. The place is even more spectacular at night! Even thought the food isn’t the main thing, Mist is a very nice spot for an afternoon coffee stop.





Cuisine: Health food, vegetarian
Price: $$$
Opening time: 8:00-21:00
Best seller: Power Bowls, Vegan Burgers

Shaka is the go-to place for all vegans and vegetarians. It’s not that there aren’t any other places to cater to them, but Shaka has the biggest variety by far! The food is great, the smoothie bowls are to die for, and the ambience is great. Healthy food that’s also dekicious- must try.




Vanilla Sky

Cuisine: Italian
Price: $$
Opening time: Everyday except Wednesdays 06:00-23:00
Best seller: Chicken Curry Pizza, Home-made Burrata

Another Italian restaurant on our list. Vanilla sky is more quiet and romantic than the others, and perfect for a romantic date. The pizza here is crispier than the classic Neapolitan, and topped with home-made mozzarella. There are many non-pizza and non-pasta dishes on the menu as well. Great Italian food, a tropical romantic setup, drinking wine while looking at the moon reflecting in the pool, what can be better than that. Also, it’s only 450 meters from the Hostel – about a 6-minute walk.


vanilla sky


Saffron Restaurant

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Filipino
Price: $$$
Opening time: 6:00-22:00
Best seller: Kare-Kare, Salmon Thermidor

Saffron is the priciest restaurant on our list, but if you’re willing to spend an extra buck we think it’s definitely worth it. This is the main restaurant of Amorita Resort on the far end of Alona Beach. This restaurant is nothing but great! Their Filipino food is superb and elevated with modern cooking techniques, and their western food is amazing too. The views from the cliff make it a perfect venue for a date night!




Bougainvillea Spanish Restaurant

Cuisine: Spanish
Price: $$$
Opening time: 17:00-21:00
Best seller: Corquetas, Paella

So we all know that the Philippines was occupied by the Spanish and they left their mark on the local culture as well as the cuisine. Bougainvillea however isn’t a Filipino Spanish restaurant, but a genuine Spanish resto in the heart of Panglao. They serve iconic Spanish dishes and use a lot of imported ingredients too. Other than their food we advise that you try their cold sangria – it’s heavenly.





Cuisine: German
Price: $$$
Opening time: 8:00-21:00
Best seller: Schnitzel, Cordon Bleu, Sausages

A German beer garden in the Philippines? This place is situated on the main road and it’s very hard to miss due to its bright lights. Cold beers and hearty food is nice and comforting sometimes, especially when traveling away from home for a long while. Their food quality is very high, and the servings are generous. It’s a great place for meat lovers in Bohol who want to eat some German comfort food for a change.




Oasis Bar and Restaurant

Cuisine: Asian, European
Price: $$
Opening time: 8:00-23:00
Best seller: Nasi Goreng, Filipino Curry

We find Oasis to be one of the best restaurants on Alona Beach. They just seem to do it right with many Southeast Asian dishes, fish and vegetarian options, Oasis is a gorgeous looking restaurant with great vibes and perhaps the best cocktails in Panglao. Oasis also hosts some events on the weekends with ambient music for you to enjoy while eating and having a few drinks.






Cuisine: French Bistrot, cafe
Price: $$
Opening time: 7:00-21:00
Best seller: Pastries, Cake, Salads

If you miss bread, sandwiches, pastries, salads and a few more bistrot classics, Gavroche is the place to go. It’s a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as a quick coffee stop. They also sell French wine, by bottle or glass for a fair price. Gavroche is in the center of Alona, so do yourself a favor and go inside when you pass by.




The Glebe Coffee

Cuisine: Coffee Shop
Price: $$
Opening time: 7:00-21:00
Best seller: Coffee

Glebe is not much of a food place. Actually, besides of some cookies they don’t sell food at all. However they do serve the best coffee in Bohol – with local beans, roasted with expertise and love. They serve soy milk and almond milk too, and brew coffee to the highest of standards.


The Glebe Coffee


Bohol’s Top Restaurants – How Do We Choose the Best Restaurants in Panglao?

We believe that providing useful information to our guests is a big part of our service. Therefore we’re constantly on the lookout for the best places to eat around Alona beach. We base our opinion on where we, the people who work and live here, found to be delicious and impressive, whether it’s cheap or high end dining. We also base our opinion on the direct reviews we receive from our guests. Panglao has so many restaurants, old and new, and we’d like you to enjoy only the best ones!


Looking to explore the best attractions Bohol has to offer? Check out Abraham’s guide for the perfect Bohol bucket list.

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