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Jerusalem Volunteering: Do Good & Explore the City

Jerusalem Volunteering: Do Good & Explore the City

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Are you looking for unique experiences in Jerusalem that will connect you with the community? Searching for a volunteering project but don't know where to start? Here's a list of places you can volunteer at on your next visit to the city.

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Looking for Volunteer Opportunities in Jerusalem?

Volunteering is not only a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, but also a great way to get to know the city and its residents, connect with local communities, and do some good. In a city as culturally and religiously diverse as Jerusalem, volunteering offers an excellent glimpse into city life and exposes you to its many facets. You can volunteer in a variety of projects and activities, each offering an opportunity to meet new people and see the city from a different perspective.


Good Neighbor Association

The Good Neighbor Association is a prime example of how volunteering can be a powerful tool for social change. Operating for over 20 years, this organization promotes disadvantaged populations through varied social activities across the country.

Field: Food Distribution


  • Nachlaot: Yosef Kafah 20. Contact Racheli at +972-54-7263660
  • Katamon: Alexandrion 23. Contact Esti at +972-52-5389994
  • Bak’ah: Hatzfira 27. Contact Shir at +972-58-6999733
  • Ramot: Kisufim 5. Contact Shira at +972-54-2060041


When: Usually Fridays in the morning, Thursdays in the afternoon.

Contact: Hila at +972-54-5351811.

Tasks: Packing and delivering food packages to those in need.

More Details: Available on the Good Neighbor Association website.


Good Neighbor Association

Good Neighbor Association. Photo: Yona Kaplan


Jerusalem Community Gardens

Community gardens are maintained by local communities, strengthening the connection between people and their environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about gardening and environmentalism. About 70 gardens in Jerusalem are maintained by community activists.

Field: Organic Gardening, Urban Agriculture, Sustainability, and Community.


  • Be’er Sheva 28 (about 10 minutes walk from Abraham Jerusalem)
  • Zamenhof: Zamenhof 8
  • Brodi Community Garden: Haviva Reik corner of Palmach
  • Ein Karem Spring Garden


  • Be’er Sheva Street Garden: Wednesday morning
  • Zamenhof: Friday morning
  • Brodi: Friday morning
  • Spring Garden: Friday morning


  • Be’er Sheva Street Garden: Telma Mills at +972-52-534-5583
  • Zamenhof: Noga at +972-54-6338589
  • Brodi: Dani at +972-542032256
  • Spring Garden: Noa at +972-54-6606470


Tasks: Gardening tasks such as planting, weeding, composting, woodworking, pruning, and projects depending on what’s happening in the garden at that time. Some gardens also have food composters, street libraries, and more.


Jerusalem Food Rescuers 

Field: Food Rescue

Location: The Wholesale Market – 3 Market Street

When: Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 09:30-12:30 + Vegan community lunch at 12:30

Contact: +972-55-3191737 (Shaul) – WhatsApp only

What will the work involve? Cooking the community meal in the kitchen, rescuing food, sorting produce, and sustainable creative work within the building.

For more details, you can check the organization’s Facebook page.


food rescuers

Food Rescuers


Home Base

Home Field organization helps the homeless in various ways and integrates them back into society.

Field: Friday community meals for the homeless

Location: Variable

When: Friday, late afternoon

Contact: +972-54-5951044 (Shai)

What will the work involve? Participating in a Shabbat dinner alongside individuals experiencing homelessness in Jerusalem.

For more details, you can check the organization’s Facebook page.


Shalom Hartman Institute – Hut of Good Deeds

Field: Food distribution

Location: Klein 7, Rachel Imenu 20

When: Tuesday 09:00-12:00, Thursday 16:00-19:00

Contact: +972-54-3593942 (Drory)

What will the work involve? Sorting and distributing food.


Purpose (Tachlit) Association

The association continuously helps families in need across the country.

Field: Food Packaging, Visiting the Sick

Location: Saphir Center 6, Printing House

Contact: +972-52-7298294 (Yael)

Working hours: Sunday to Thursday between 09:00-17:30 (changes on Sundays and Mondays). Ideal volunteering time – about two hours!

Important: Contact before volunteering.

What will the work involve? Packing food baskets, visiting the sick.


Tips for Volunteering in Jerusalem

Volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to the community and meet new people. It’s also a fun and enriching experience that can help you grow and develop new skills. Before volunteering, it’s important to research the organization or project and set realistic expectations for yourself. Remember, volunteering is a personal and unique experience for everyone. There’s no one right way to volunteer; the most important thing is finding an opportunity that suits you and your needs.


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