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Life’s a Beach: Where to Relax Seaside in Israel

Life’s a Beach: Where to Relax Seaside in Israel

Destinations > Life’s a Beach: Where to Relax Seaside in Israel
Israel’s 130-plus assortment of glistening beaches is quite the attraction for visitors worldwide. Almost all year long, locals and tourists enjoy the Mediterranean coast's sandy sweeps and shimmering sea.

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The Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Tel Aviv, and the Red Sea are home to both renowned and stunning hide-a-way beaches in Israel, for those seeking privacy. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s sand between your toes, splashing by the shore, paddle boarding the soothing waves, or engaging in adventurous water sports.


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Northern Israel

Israel’s north and northwestern regions include Nahariya, Acre, and Haifa, where you’ll find some of the country’s most picturesque beaches. At the northernmost tip of Rosh Hanikra is Achziv Beach, home to marine wildlife of turtles, sea urchins, octopuses, and one of the most gorgeous beaches in Israel. This sandy allure and nearby national park deliver an oasis of calm to spend the day and then marvel at the glorious sunsets as evening draws in. Several beaches run along a sandy stretch north of Haifa. You can soak in the views and sunshine as you beach hop between the shorefronts at Naot Beach, Balanga Beach, and Yamit Beach. Further south is Carmel Beach, with its buttery soft sand, and the buzzing Dado Beach.


Sea of Galilee

One of Israel’s many appeals is the sprawl of beaches away from the Mediterranean waterfront. In Tiberias, there are plenty for your choosing by the freshwater lake known as the Sea of Galilee—which also goes by Lake Tiberias or the Kinneret—believed to be the site where Jesus walked on water. Dating back to one of the first settlements in Israel, the area is a monumental pilgrimage destination due to its surrounding biblical regions including Capernaum, Tabgha, and Ginosar.

When some rest and relaxation are on the agenda, check out the array of well-equipped, shady beaches around Israel’s Sea of Galilee. From the romantic enclosure of Arbel Beach at the northern end, to Zinabberay Beach at the south with its designated camping areas, and Shikmim Beach in between–accessible with a special beach wheelchair—there is no shortage of seaside fun. 


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A handful of the most famous beaches in Israel are within walking distance from your dorm, private room, or suite at Abraham Tel Aviv’s hostel.


beaches in israel



Tal Aviv Jaffa

There’s a sandy retreat for every mood, including the renowned Gordon Beach by the Tel Aviv Marina. Here you can work up a sweat at the equipped outdoor gym and volleyball courts or glide on your SUP board before surfing the bigger waves.

There are plenty of resting retreats at the wooden pavilions and sunbeds along the spectacular stretch of beaches lining the promenade, including Frishman Beach, Bograshov Beach, and Jerusalem Beach—kite surfers can join in the fun here!

Or for a different scene, Jaffa Beach, drenched in the beauty of Old Jaffa City, has a relaxing vibe on any given day of the week.



A short train ride away in Herzliya and within walking distance from Herzliya Marina is Acadia Beach, brushed with golden sand and relaxing sea waves, amid clusters of cafes and restaurants. The nearby Reef Israel Diving & Surfing Club has kayak and board rentals if you want to paddle or surf in the sea. The beach also offers special wheelchairs to use in the water.


Dead Sea

The Dead Sea region is a therapeutic jewel resting at the lowest place on Earth at 400 meters below sea level. You can float on its waters due to the salty content, with its oxygen-rich air purely invigorating. Lather on the mineral-infused Dead Sea mud before immersing in the water for supple and silky skin post-float. 

As a globally celebrated beauty and healing destination, thousands of visitors from around the world descend on the region, which also holds its reputation for alleviating a wealth of health conditions. Make a wellness stop at your choice of Beaches at Israel’s Dead Sea, including Kalia BeachNeve Midbar Beach, or Ein Gedi Beach. For tranquility, relaxation, and a change of pace from city life. 

Whether or not you’re staying in the nearby Abraham Jerusalem, you can take advantage of Abraham’s Chill Out Tour. It’s the easiest way to reach the region and spend time reveling in its natural glory, bathing in the salt water, and unwinding on the soft sands.



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If you can peel yourself away from Abraham Eilat’s dazzling pool and well-stocked bar, there are two nearby beaches definitely worth a visit. Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve is a kilometer reserve of gleaming waters, an abundance of colorful coral, and over 600 species of vibrant fish. It’s no wonder this snorkeling nirvana is a popular choice for visitors around the globe to appreciate the reef’s natural underworld beauty up close. The reef is accessible via a beachfront pier, which also serves as a lookout for sea life from pools and bridges surrounding the area. 

Dolphin Reef Beach is a stunning gem to observe dolphins in their natural habitat, an ecological site, is home to majestic bottlenose dolphins. Snorkel in a guided group alongside the magnificent creatures, or head out underwater to swim alongside the friendly mammals. Following your swim at sea, take a dip in the multi-sensory relaxation pools and refuel at one of the many beachside restaurants and bars. Don’t forget, Abraham hostel guests receive a 10% discount on every tour!



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