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Beautiful Bohol Tourist Spots: A Traveler’s Heaven

Beautiful Bohol Tourist Spots: A Traveler’s Heaven

The Guide to Philippines > Beautiful Bohol Tourist Spots: A Traveler’s Heaven
The Philippines' white sand beaches, sandstone formations, and pristine islands have instantly become popular among tourists, mainly backpackers who spend time travelling. However, beyond the breathtaking beach resorts and coasts, a rich collection of wildlife, biodiversity, cultural legacy, historic sites, landscapes, and underwater life are undoubtedly a treasure. Bohol, a gem of a place in the Visayas, is a prime example of this.

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From the sea to the summit and everything in between, Bohol is full of heritage and history. In Bohol you can encounter nature at its finest and experience some adrenaline-pumping adventures, all in one trip. Deemed the tenth largest island in the country, Bohol can easily capture anyone’s heart—literally and figuratively. Here are some of the best Bohol tourist spots and experiences you have to know about!


Motorbike Around the Chocolate Hills

One of Bohol’s most valuable assets is what might seem like plain, dome-shaped hills surrounded by forest and rice paddies. The name ‘Chocolate Hills’ comes from the grass surrounding the hills that dries out after the dry season and resembles rows upon rows of Hershey’s kisses. The perfect place to see the Chocolate Hills is near Carmen, on top of one of the hills. To enjoy the beauty of the hills from the ground, riding a motorbike or ATV is highly recommended. The scenic mountain bike tour through the countryside of Bohol would be a real treat for cyclists. This efficient biking trip takes you back to two old Spanish church ruins, and a famous ancestral home turned museum. Since the trail includes both concrete and off-road rail lines, it’s an excellent chance to learn the fundamentals of mountain biking.


Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills


Discover the Loboc River from the Ocean and Above

When talking about Bohol tourist spots, the Loboc River is probably one of the first attractions which come to mind. This beautiful river offers not only a captivating view, but also many activities for you to enjoy.

SUP Tour

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than the Chocolate Hills mountain bike tour, The SUP tour on the Loboc River has you covered. Go paddle boarding on the beautiful turquoise-coloured river that runs across the island, surrounded by rainforest. It’s a breathtaking and peaceful place where you can experience a stress-free and therapeutic life for a few moments.

Zip Line Rides

On top of the SUP tour, you will be able to engage in various zip line rides that will take you through the spectacular scenery of the Loboc River. You can try the regular zip line, cycling zip line, and superman zip line for a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.


bohol tourist attractions


Explore the Mystery of Hinagdanan Cave

Apart from paddling around the Loboc River, you should not miss exploring the mysterious Hinagdanan Cave. The cave is a natural paradise concealing a large cave chamber and an underground lake where swimming is permitted. The whole place exudes an otherworldly aura, as if it were a portal to another world, allowing us to travel through our imagination without leaving reality.


Go Waterfall Hunting 

The Can-umantad Waterfalls are one of the most unique Bohol tourist spots. If you want to go on a waterfall hunt in Bohol, head to Can-Umantad waterfalls. This captivating waterfall is 20-meter high and cascades into a Seaworld where you can swim. Other Bohol cascades worth exploring are Cave Pools in Anda, famous for cliff-jumping.


Enjoy the Magic of Panglao Beach

Visiting some of the magical islands in Bohol should undoubtedly be on your bucket list. A visit to one of Bohol’s best beaches, Panglao, with its white powdery sands and clear ocean water, is a must. It has one of the best sunsets you can enjoy with your loved ones while taking in the scenery and the perfect moments the island has to offer.


bohol tourist attractions


Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Another worthwhile adventure is an unforgettable experience in a hot air balloon, where you can mostly see the overall beauty of Bohol—the landscapes and other natural wonders. Its best assets are Bohol’s beautiful islands, picturesque tourist spots, and historical places.


Uncover Bohol Wildlife 

Marine Wildlife

The Bohol sea is rich with fish, whales, dolphins, sharks and more! There are many ways to watch and discover the diverse, marvelous marine wildlife of Bohol, such as snorkeling, diving or taking a guided boat ride.


Bohol’s well-known for its little nocturnal primate called Tarsier. This “little monkey”, as most people call it, is famous for its big eyes, tiny body and head that can turn 180 degrees!


bohol tourist attractions




Take a Sip of Delicious Local Coffee 

The island is also known for its thriving coffee industry, which flaunts two of the most widely grown coffee varieties: Robusta and Arabica. This is fantastic news for coffee lovers, as Bohol has some of the best coffee shops in the country.

The Mosia Café

A cozy garden café along the seaside that is a hidden gem in Tagbilaran, is first on the list. The Mosia Café eco-friendly café specializes in artisanal desserts made from only fresh and natural ingredients from Bohol.

Buzzz Café

Worry not because Buzzz Café of the famous Bohol Bee Farm has come to the rescue if you prefer your coffee by the seaside. While enjoying breathtaking views of the sea and glorious white sand, you may pair your espresso with a variety of breakfast meals, muffins, and some organic vegetable salads. Additionally, you can enjoy some exciting ice cream flavours that you must try once in Bohol!


bohol tourist attractions


What exactly are you waiting for? Get on the right track and discover the perfection of Bohol’s scenic landscapes. With various land and water activities, friendly and welcoming locals, and unique scenery, your trip to Bohol will leave a mark where you can treasure life-changing memories in your heart.


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