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Sip and Enjoy: The 9 Best Cafés in Jerusalem

Sip and Enjoy: The 9 Best Cafés in Jerusalem

The Guide to Israel > Sip and Enjoy: The 9 Best Cafés in Jerusalem
While you might head to Jerusalem to go on tours of the Old City, and wander around ancient sites, you’ll definitely want to add cafes in Jerusalem to your to-do list. If you’re anything like us, you’ll need plenty of caffeine to get through the day. Plus, many of these cafes have breakfast, lunch, snack options, and even dinner, to keep you fueled while you explore. Here’s our list of the best cafes in Jerusalem you should definitely visit while you’re in Israel.

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City Center

Also known as Downtown Jerusalem, the city center is a modern and vibrant part of Jerusalem. It has several main neighborhoods, plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and is also home to the famed Machane Yehuda Market.


Liba Café 

Shats St. 4

Located in the heart of Jerusalem near King George Street and Ben Yehuda Street, this café serves delicious coffee and espresso-based drinks in aesthetic ceramic mugs. But that’s not all: Liba Café also has pastries, sandwiches, salads, deserts, and baked goods, so feel free to show up with an appetite. Liba Café also displays rotating artwork and hosts art exhibitions, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for works by local artists.


best cafes in jerusalem



Metaphora Art Cafe

Jaffa St. 31

Like its name suggests, Metaphora isn’t your average café. While there are picturesque drinks and sandwiches on the menu, Metaphora is also a workshop space. There are often facilitated events and workshops, including workshops for teams, companies, families, and individuals. These workshops are designed to help you do things like deal with emotions and conflict, and find support with other individuals. Plus, if you develop a taste for Metaphora’s drinks, they also bag their own coffee, which you can buy and take home with you.


best cafes in jerusalem

Photo by Noa Galili


Café Bezalel

Bezalel St. 12

This café isn’t only known for its coffee, but also for its massive pastries, and delicious menu. This café is often visited by students, locals, and people who want to enjoy a long brunch. Salads, sandwiches, and hummus are on the menu, and you can sit outside while enjoying the beautiful Jerusalem weather. Located in the town center, it’s a great café to stop by while you’re out exploring for the day.



Machane Yehuda Market & Bezalel St. 8

Whether you’re visiting the bustling Machane Yehuda Market or the enchanting Bezalel pedestrian zone, sitting at Roasters is an experience in itself. It has some of the highest-rated coffee in Jerusalem, and their menu includes a variety of coffees and teas. They also have food like sandwiches and desserts, and the service here is notably friendly. 





Kadosh Café Patisserie

Queen Shlomziyon St. 6

Plenty of things in Jerusalem have a rich history, and Kadosh Café Patisserie is definitely on the list. In operation since 1967, this café was opened by Meir Kadosh, who then passed along the business to his son. The café is European-style, with ample outdoor seating, and the menu is kosher dairy. While they of course serve coffee and espresso-based drinks, the menu also includes things like pastas, sandwiches, and desserts. 



This neighborhood in Jerusalem is quaint, upscale, and a wonderful place to explore. It has not only plenty of cafes, but also wine bars, restaurants, and other types of eateries. There are also plenty of historical and religious sites to see, such as the 11th-century Monastery of the Cross, and the Jerusalem Great Synagogue.


Cafe Yehoshua

Azza St. 17

This highly-rated cafe is small, but the menu is notoriously delicious. While there is plenty of coffee on the menu, Cafe Yehoshua also has a full bar, and serves up great cocktails. The menu here is also notable: Café Yehoshua has a full menu with large portions (although some of it can be on the pricier side), and you’ll find pastas, meat, and fish dishes. 


Sybaris Cafe & Roastery 

Azza St. 13

Espresso lovers should definitely pay a visit to Sybaris Café & Roastery, where the coffee and espresso is the focus. This minimalistic and neat café pulls delicious shots of espresso for their drinks, and they source their coffee from specific places, like from farms in Mexico, Brazil and Rwanda. As their name suggests, Sybaris Café & Roastery roasts their own coffee, and you can buy bags of it to take home with you. You’ll also find small treats and pastries on the menu here.


best cafes in jerusalem

Photo by Noa Friedman


German Colony

This chic neighborhood was originally a colony created by German settlers in the late 1800’s, before the state of Israel was formed. Notably, they built their homes in the style of their native architecture, so today, you’ll see that the buildings in this part of Jerusalem are very unique. You can also find plenty of cafes, restaurants, and events such as farmer’s markets.


The Coffee Mill

Emek Refa’im St. 23

The Coffee Mill has been called a “tiny gem of a café,” and for good reason. It specializes in breakfast, brunch, and lunch, and of course, has incredible coffee. They tend to have a large variety of different coffees, which are ground fresh if you’re taking them home with you. There are also other drinks on the menu, along with cakes and pastries to snack on.


Ofaimme Farm Coffee Shop

Prof. Ya’akov Sheskin St. 17

This cafe prides itself on sustainable agriculture, and strictly serves organic and fair trade food. Ofaimme Farm also sources its fruits, vegetables, and animals in the Negev Desert, and they serve up breakfast, and lunch, including sandwiches, salads, meat dishes, and desserts. When you head to this café, you’ll notice that it’s inside the Hansen House, which was an asylum in the Protestant community in Jerusalem in the 1880s. Today, the Hansen House is a cultural center and museum.


best cafes in jerusalem

Ofaimme Farm Coffee Shop


Exploring Jerusalem

There is tons to see and do in Jerusalem, and that includes visiting cafes in Jerusalem. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Jerusalem, our Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is ranked the #1 hostel in the city of Jerusalem. There are types of accommodation for every traveler, along with a great lounge and bar, kitchen, and plenty of events happening. We also run plenty of tours that leave from Jerusalem, like our Jerusalem Dual Narrative tour, Judean Desert Jeep tour, and Dead Sea Chill Out tour.

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