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Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Timna Park

Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Timna Park

The Guide to Israel > Exploring the Timeless Beauty of Timna Park
If desert, nature and adventure sound appealing, add Timna Park to your must-visit list in Israel. A major attraction in Israel’s south, Just 25km north of Eilat in the serenity of the Arava,Timna Park, one of Israel’s largest parks, covers an area of around 70,000 dunams.

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A Brief History

Once upon time, more 6,000 years ago, the region was an epicenter for metal production, stating with the Egyptians. The world’s oldest copper mines located on the this very site. The story was pieced together from a marvel of artifacts, engravings, rock paintings and more that took place in the extraction of copper. 

A multi-stage transformation commenced in the 1980s to reinvent Timna Park for the modern-day traveler, characterized by dozens of trails and attractions. And as the desert climate is hot year-round (reaching the hundreds in summer), you won’t need to cancel your trip due to rain! 


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What To See & Do

All the details for visiting can be found here, although in a snapshot, the park is open daily from 8am-4pm and tickets can be purchased online or on site.

Read on to explore more about what to see and do.


The Visitors Center 

Start your day at the Visitors Center where an innovative explorationg through history is on display. A stunning multi-media presentation (narated in English, Hebrew and Arabic), depicts the story of miners bravely embarking on a journey thousands of year ago and explains the process of copper production. Armed with your newfound knowledge, you’ll be motivated to take on the great outdoors from a fresh perspective.   


Explore the Famous Landmarks

Timna Valley, formed millions of years back, is brimming with mezmerizing geological rock formations—the result of water erosion. Some of these fascinating fomations are renowned in Israel. Be on the lookout for: The Mushroom, a mushroom shaped rock; Solomon’s Pillars naturally blending in with the cliff, The Arches which are a creation of nature at its finest; The Temple of Goddess Hathor, where you can see Egyptian rock engravings; and The Sphinx, a strctue encapsulating the essence of the Sphinx at the pyramids in Egypt. This map is a helpful starting point for deciphering distance between formations. 


Get Around By Bike 

In case you missed it, Timna Park is expansive! Whilst you can somewhat wander around by foot, a bicycle will cover more ground in less time—70km to be exact on a specially construcnted cycling trail winding through the stunning desert. Multiple trails have been carved for all types of cyclists, from a simple family trail, to those suited for adventurous cyclists looking for an extreme ride. A detailed cycling route map (in Hebrew) can be found here and mountain bikes can be rented at the park. 


Hike, Hike, Hike!

If your prefer to explore on your feet, Timna Park has dozens of hiking trails ranging between 20 minutes to an hour. A handful are reserved to challenge more experienced hikers. Here are a few that may pique your interest:

Timna Park Arches and Ancient Mines: An easy 1.6km loop around the Timna Arches with a time of roughly 35 minutes. 

Timna Mushroon Rock and Western Loop: A moderate 9km loop by the Mushroom and Waffle Rocks at the Western region of the park. Approximate walking time is around 2.5 hours.

Mount Timna Peak Trail: A moderate 5.8 point-to-point trail in the southern region, with a hiking time of around 2 hours. You’ll pass through a stream, dry waterfalls and rock steps for climbing.


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Visit Timna Lake

A glistening paradise nestled in desert serenity, Timna Lake is a man-made creation designed in the Timna riverbed. Not only does the 16 duman site serve as a water source for animals, but it’s a popular attraction for visitors to ‘set sail’ across the lake via pedal boat, or rejuvenate lakeside following your hike.

See the Flora and Fauna

The Negev is home to an abundance of stunning wildlife—eagle-eyes visitors may even spot spot a Sand Patrdige, Ibex, rock dove or a lizard or two. Although the park cautions strictly against approaching any animal (you are entering their territory, after all), you can appreciate these majestic creatives from afar. This fascinating blend of wildlife has adapted to life in the arid desert, seeking shade during the hottest hours or roaming only by night. 


How To Get There

The easiest way to reach Timna Park is by car, which is handy for navigating around the various sites. A car park is on site. Approximate driving times without traffic are:

From Tel Aviv: 4 hours

From Jerusalem: 3.5 hours

From Eilat: 25 minutes 


By bus, the following routes have an approximate travel time of: 

Direct bus from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station: 4.5-5 hours and a 20 minute walk

Direct bus from from Jerusalem Central Bus Station: 4.5 hours and 20 minute walk

Direct bus from Eilat: 45-55 minutes and a 15 minute walk


If you’re flying into Ramon Airport, the park is located close to its entrance. 


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Abraham Eilat

Within quick and easy reach of Eilat, Timna Park is the ultimate desert day drip. When it’s time to relax or rest your head, you can book a bed in a mixed or single-sex dorm, or private room at one of our newest accommodation, Abraham Eilat! This 450-bed paradise in the sunshine offers a swimming pool (during summer), bar & lounge, equipped guest kitchen, events galore, andl is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from glorious beaches of Eilat.



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