How to Experience the Perfect Honeymoon in Israel

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How to Experience the Perfect Honeymoon in Israel

How to Experience the Perfect Honeymoon in Israel

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Israel is the idyllic setting for both a romantic and meaningful honeymoon as a married couple. Despite its small size, this breathtaking country brims with fascinating and unique wonders. Captivating culture, historical marvels, delectable cuisine, sublime nature, and glorious year-round weather, there is nowhere quite like Israel.

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The Center


Tel Aviv & Jaffa

The non-stop city of Tel Aviv is a thriving metropolis resting on the Mediterranean shore. Abuzz with cultural attractions, entertainment, over a dozen breathtaking beaches, and 300 days of sunshine, the start-up city holds appeal for every type of traveler. Tel Aviv is also celebrated as one of the most liberal and youthful cities in the world.


What to Do

The White City district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is named so for its collection of over 4,000 Bauhaus buildings. Many of these architectural structures have undergone renovations to transfer them into modern-day sensations. Start your day with a stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and see how many you can spot. At the southern end of the boulevard is Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish suburb outside of Jaffa, where you can weave the narrow streets, admire its array of eclectic, colorful buildings, and pop into the stunning fashion and lifestyle boutiques for one-of-a-kind finds.

Just steps away you will stumble upon Jaffa, a charming 3,500-year-old city awash with biblical history and modern-day discoveries. Make sure to visit Shuk Hapishpeshim in Old Jaffa for bargain finds at the Flea Market, which has existed since the early 20th century. Then, take the short hike up to Peak Garden (Gan HaPisga) and snap mesmerizing panoramic views of Tel Aviv. A perfect spot to make memories on your honeymoon in Israel.

Tel Aviv is also a city of cyclists, with 140 kilometers of lanes, to be boosted to 300 kilometers by 2025! Rent a bike with Tel-O-Fun stationed all over Tel Aviv and get exploring!

By late evening, it’s time to immerse in the nightlife, for which Tel Aviv is renowned. Thousands of bars and clubs serve drinks and pump music until the small hours of the morning. The biggest on the line-up include The Block, Radio EPGB, Kuli Alma, and Duplex, all within walking distance in case you want to check them all out!


Where to Relax

Where else to relax by sand and sea than the glorious beaches of Tel Aviv? Hotspots include the centrally located Gordon Beach, which is where to enjoy a romantic stand-up paddleboard session, before retreating to a wooden pavilion or sunbed to dry off.

One for the canine lovers — meet and greet some of Tel Aviv’s friendliest dogs at the Dog Beach by the Hilton Hotel, where you can rest in the sand or play fetch with a new furry friend!

For a splash of nature, discover the city’s green lung at Hayarkon Park in the green oasis of the Old North. This expansive stretch of park has cycling lanes, paddle boats for rent, and beautiful landscapes for a romantic picnic by the river.

For people-watching, head to one of the hundreds of cafes sprawling the city and be sure to sample some of the line-ups on Tel Aviv’s famed coffee scene.


Where to Eat

Israel’s kitchens are a breath of fresh air in the world of culinary, helmed by some of the most internationally celebrated and budding chefs concocting imaginative dishes to tantalize the taste buds. Trust us when we say, the list of restaurants is endless, and here we can merely highlight some of the best finds.

Ouzeria is a lively Greek/Spanish-influenced restaurant hidden among the shabby chic market stalls of Levinsky Shuk in southern Tel Aviv. Under candlelight, dine on warm doughy bread and a vine leaves dip, seasonal ceviche, and a juicy seafood platter – just the tip of the iceberg in a menu dazzling with original bites.

For a more casual dining experience, no visit to Tel Aviv is complete without pizza at, an award-winning hangout for the most exciting local parties, musical performances, movie screenings, and seasonally themed markets. Grab a perch under the open-air fairy lights and wash down the renowned thin crust pizza with a crisp beer.

For a more decadent drink of choice, the cocktails at Bellboy will not disappoint. This concealed 1920s-themed speakeasy on Berdichevsky St is a date night haven, offering an evening of mischievous charm that will leave an impression.

Also, let’s not forget the local tastes of Israel in the city’s markets. Shuk Carmel, the largest of the lot located off Allenby Street, is one for the senses. With stacks of fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables, halva by the bucketload, irresistible baked goods for all desires, and your choice of local eateries exploring the tastes of Middle Eastern fare, you will not go hungry! Visit the now 4th generation haunt Shlomo and Doron in the Kerem (Yemenite Quarter) adjacent to the market for inventive hummus dishes you will not forget.


Where to Stay

After a jam-packed day on land and by the sea, it’s time to rest your head. Keep in mind, the cost of a Honeymoon in Israel can be pricey when factoring in a boutique or beach-side hotel. Thankfully, Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv, in the heart of the city, offers modern and fully equipped superior rooms and junior suites (with en suites) at an affordable price. Plus, some of Abraham’s most popular tours depart from its doorstep. The hostel is also a chance to meet other travelers and take advantage of our many facilities, including a rooftop to soak up the views, a sprawling lounge with a stocked bar, a guest kitchen open 24 hours a day, an intimate TV room and laundry facilities. Not to mention, the hostel serves a healthful and rich breakfast spread for a modest price.



As the religious epicenter of Israel, the ancient city of Jerusalem is a place of spirituality for a diverse population of residents, as well as tourists in search of bringing biblical stories and deep-rooted history to life. And that’s not all Jerusalem is famous for! With a plethora of museums to pique every interest, a bustle of markets in which to lose yourself, and some of the country’s dining spots, cocktail bars, and shopping options, this city captures the spirit of the old with a contemporary twist.


abraham jerusalem


Where to Relax

Rest your feet with a spot of entertainment at Kikar Hamusica, a music-themed square located on Yoel Salomon Street. The bright open courtyard is a picturesque setting for seasonal concerts or for a quick refreshment at the music-themed bars, cafes, and restaurants. When you’re feeling re-energized, meander through the interactive, self-guided tour at the Hebrew Music Museum, which displays hundreds of musical artifacts. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a musical souvenir at the art and music gallery!

Finish off a jam-packed day with a drink at the Mamilla Hotel Rooftop Lounge and Restaurant, where history and modernity merge among a menu of signature drinks and enticing appetizers and drool-worthy, shareable desserts, making it quite the romantic spot on your Israel honeymoon!


What to Do

Whether it’s your first visit or your umpteenth time in Jerusalem, the magic of the Old City never wears thin. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the cobble-lined streets, and winding alleyways fill the Old City’s four quarters split across Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Armenian. Experience one of Israel’s holiest sites at the Western Wall (Kotel), the only standing section of the Second Temple, and even venture deep underground to soak in the unearthed stone in the Western Wall Tunnels tour.

Also contained within the walls and is a spectacular sight, no matter your religious beliefs, is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, dating back to 335 AD. This prevalent pilgrimage destination for Christians. Known as being the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection site of Jesus Christ. The church contains the Altar of the Crucifixion and Edicule, said to be the tomb of Jesus Christ.

Or, why not combine everything with Abraham Tour’s Holy City Tour Jerusalem for a chance to hear the stories that shape this captivating city?

After, swing by the Tower of David Museum, an ancient citadel at Jaffa Gate, before exploring the cultural tapestries that shaped the country at one of more of Jerusalem’s many museums, including The Israel Museum and Israel’s poignant holocaust museum Yad Vashem.


Where to Eat

For a bite on the go, make sure to swing by Jerusalem’s iconic Mahane Yehuda Market, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Here, among some 250 stalls of vendors sending local products, are heaps of trendy cafes selling causal Middle Eastern delights. Highlights include Dwiny Pita Bar for freshly stuffed pitas, and Crave Gourmet Street Food, a sit-down kosher spot in the market. Beer lovers can clink a bottle or two at Beer Bazaar, featuring over 100 Israeli microbrews — a must-see!

Prepare for a night of memorable dining at Mona, a Chef bistro located in The Jerusalem Artists House. Beloved to the locals, Mona serves a delicate mix of European-inspired dishes concocted from the finest ingredients around. In short, the perfect spot to dine with your loved one. Another upscale establishment for a real dining treat is Machneyuda, one of Israel’s most celebrated restaurants serving a menu blending the tastes of North Africa and the Middle East.

Other spots to taste some of Jerusalem’s finest dishes are at Italian-influenced chef restaurant Chakra run by chef Eran Peretz, which serves a rich ever-changing menu and tasty wine list; Talbiye, an intimate neighborhood dining experience with enchanting French-Israeli dishes served over breakfast, lunch and dinner; and last, but certainly not least, Mediterranean restaurant Fringe, where kosher gourmet dishes are beautifully plated alongside colorful cocktails and a chic-upscale décor.


Where to Stay

Much like our site in Tel Aviv, Abraham Hostels Jerusalem, located in the core of the city, offers private rooms that won’t break the bank, a sprawling rooftop, and lively bar for your non-stop entertainment. It’s also the launchpad for many of Abraham’s renowned Tours, including ‘Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Jews Tour’ and the ‘Jerusalem Dual Narrative tour,’ which provide an insider perspective into some of the unique facets that make Israel the top tourist destination it is today.


Masada and Dead Sea

A 90-minute drive south of Jerusalem and the magnificent Masada National Park reveals itself. A true convergence of history and desert nature. The 2,000-year-old ancient Herodian fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a spellbinding experience even if it’s your fifth time at the peak. Daybreak at the summit, just as the sun is rising, is a sight to behold against the Roman Legion Camp at the base that comes into view as the day breaks.

Abraham Tour’s offers various Masada & Dead Sea Tours, including a sunrise view at the top, followed by a visit to the desert oasis of Ein Gedi with its natural habitat of wildlife, ending with a dip in the Dead Sea — a phenomenal spot to snap pictures for your honeymoon in Israel album.

The Dead Sea is another natural marvel, attracting visitors from far and wide to experience its therapeutic wonders. Resting at the lowest place on Earth at 400 meters below sea level, its waters are so salty you can experience total weightlessness as you float on the surface.

One of the best areas for a swim is Kalia Beach, a popular area with amenities including bathrooms, showers and changing areas for your comfort. Also worth a visit is Neve Midbar Beach, where you can barbeque, grab a drink at the club bar, and purchase some goodies at the Dead Sea gift shop. Aside from this, the beach has swimming pools, an area for slathering on mud and plenty of chairs and sunshades for resting.

The Dead Sea region is populated with accommodation options for all tastes and budgets, including cozy private cabins a short drive from the water, the Isrotel Ganim Hotel Dead Sea — featuring a spa, two indoor sea water pools and is just a two minute walk from the shore; and for a slice of luxury, the Milos Hotel Dead Sea offers rooms with private pools for an indulgent stay.


The North


Haifa, Acre & Rosh Hanikra

Haifa, Acre (Akko) and Rosh Hanikra might be close in proximity, yet worlds apart in the landscape, sites, and dining experiences. Haifa, a seaport and Israel’s third most populated city on the slopes of Mount Carmel, is home to the breathtaking Baha’i Gardens, another UNESCO World Heritage Site where the Shrine of the Báb, one of the most prominent religious figures of the Baha’i faith is located. Immaculate gardens, neatly lined with rows of vibrant flowers, present a sweeping overview of Haifa. The bustling Talpiot Market, revamped port, and selection of local eateries will keep you engrossed on your honeymoon from day to night.

Further north is the beautiful port city of Acre, where Muslims, Christians, and Jewish residents live together in coexistence. Its Crusader town, resting on both street level and underground, is a captivating discovery of ancient finds; and its port, one of the oldest in the world, is where you can explore the vastness of the sea by boat. It’s also home to one of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants Uri Buri run by chef Uri Jeremias, where Spanish mackerel on bruschetta bites, sliced sashimi salmon with homemade wasabi sorbet, and caramel baby St. Peter’s fish with sour beetroot are served alongside a Knafeh (a Middle Eastern dessert) that is pure food for the soul.

Continue north and you’ll reach the seaside town of Nahariya on the Mediterranean shore. Resting at the northernmost part of the country at the border with Lebanon is Rosh Hanikra, notable for its 200-meter run of grottoes — salt cave tunnels formed by seawater on the chalk rocks. Here, you can hop together on a cable car (said to be one of the steepest in the world!) from the top of the cliff and descend toward the sea waves, crashing gently against the walls of the tunnels.

Given their proximity, all three regions can be explored in one awe-inspiring trip. The Abraham Haifa, Acre, and Rosh Hanikra Tour will return you to Nazareth on your way back, the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, an open-air museum shrouded in biblical tales.


Where to Stay

Nazareth is your opportunity to reside in the Fauzi Azar by Abraham, known today as the Fauzi Azar, a mid-19th century building featuring high ceilings, marble floors, and arched windows typical of the era style. Extensive renovations transformed this historical landmark into a popular accommodation maintaining much of its grand appeal. Well-equipped, spacious private rooms are each characterized by unique historical features, providing a special flavor of the Middle East that will leave you wanting a taste for more.


Safed (Tzfat)

The spiritual city of Safed (also known as Tzfat), located around a one-hour drive north of Nazareth, captures a unique snapshot of spiritual Israel amid the flourishing current-day activity. Located in the Upper Galilee, this ancient city is known as the center of Kabbalah and is frequented by tourists from around the world who learn of its historical sites, spiritual teachings, and captivating nature.


What to Do

Shop for original artwork in the ancient Jewish quarter, where a collection of artists display a rich and diverse tapestry of their works. The founding members of the Artists’ Colony formed the collective back in the 1950s, and today the quarter is a creative hub for Jewish-themed artworks.

You will not be short of galleries selling paintings, silverware, glassworks, pottery, jewelry, and Kabbalistic Judaica. Nor will you be bored of the many pottery, glass, and other artistic workshops scattered throughout the central region of the city which make for a unique honeymoon activity.

The General Exhibition, housed within ‘Market Mosque,’ displays original pieces from dozens of members, with a section even commemorating the works of colony artists who have passed away.

After, make your way to the 16th century Ari Ashkenazi Synagogue, one of the oldest prayer houses in the country, and see up close its olive wood furnishings, similar to the style of synagogues in Eastern Europe.


Where to Relax

The Biriya Forest was established in 1945 and is an idyllic spot to gather your thoughts and bask in nature amid the forest slopes and smell of pine trees. Previously a Galilean settlement, the site is now owned by the Jewish National Fund and is intertwined with refreshing springs, significant holy tombs, an ancient synagogue, and trails for hiking. This stretch of land is a shining gem of discovery among the mysticism.

Another relaxing spot to take in the scenery is at Citadel Archaeological Park, perched at the entrance to the city. Standing at over 1000 meters above sea level, its hills function as links to surrounding mountains. Over the years, excavations have unmasked marvelous ancient ruins, allowing visitors to step over remains of what once reigned as the biggest Crusader fort in the Middle East.


Where to Eat

Elements Cafe is a haven for vegans, vegetarians, and even meat-eaters who want to enjoy a creative variety of foods. Expect to find salads, lasagna, pizza, baked treats, and hot organic coffee at this quaint hole in the wall. HaAri 8 is a kitchen and bar set within a 120-year old building, serving fish and meat options on its extensive menu of home-style dishes. Also worth visiting is Yemenite food bar Lahuhe original, another must-try joint serving Yemenite pancakes known as ‘Lachuhcs’ filled with cheeses, roasted vegetables, and a blend of spices.


Where to Stay

The Artists’ Colony Inn, housed within a restored picturesque stone building, is a quaint bed & breakfast located in the heart of Safed’s galleries, restaurants, cafes and more. Offering spacious suites, and a garden and terrace with panoramic views, you can also expect a superb Israeli Breakfast spread of cheeses, eggs, breads and fresh salads.

Another charismatic hotel in the region is Ruth Safed, a building with history dating back to the 17th century. Uniquely designed rooms capturing the past make for a romantic stay, as does the balcony terrace with sweeping views of Mount Meron and the scenery beyond.



The South



The country’s southernmost city resting on the cusp of the Red Sea, Eilat is a sunny, vibrant, tax-free shopping paradise, where in summer temperatures soar past 40°C (104°F). This is the spot to unwind on your honeymoon in Israel! From extreme sports, desert hiking, and Jeep tours, to beaches, SUP, kitesurfing, dining galore, and effervescent nightlife, there is never a dull moment in the sunshine city.


abraham eilat


Where to Relax

Did we mention the beaches? Eilat’s seafront spans 10km of gleaming beaches as far as the eye can see. Grab a sunbed, umbrella, and set up for a day of fun by the glistening waters. The water at North Beach is excellent for swimming, whilst Mosh Beach gives a vantage point to admire the backdrop of the Jordanian Mountains.

After a day of sand and sea, amble along the promenade with an ice cream in hand, popping by the market stalls to buy some knick-knacks from your travels.


What to Do

The Coral Nature Reserve and its breathtaking coral reef is a chance to get up close to schools of tropical fish amongst the striking coral. You have the option to go snorkeling or scuba dive with certified instructors into a magical world under the sea and swim alongside an abundance of colorful sea life.

A visit to Eilat is incomplete without a trip to the shops. Whether it’s the Canyon By the Sea, the biggest of the city’s malls, the open-air Big Center with late-night opening hours, or the Ice Mall, where you can also slip on your skates and take to the ice, there is no better place in Israel to take advantage of tax-free shopping.

At night, the city comes to life as cocktail haunts, bars, and clubs swing open their doors to party-goers who pack the dance floors. Warm-up at Abraham Eilat’s very own bar, located inside the hostel by the pool, featuring cocktails, wines, beers and yes, a happy hour! Then, head to The Three Monkeys, the city’s best-known pub where live music fills the space all evening. For a night of partying, the Crazy Elephant, which hosts a line-up of DJs, delivers, as does open-air nightlife spot Selena, where lighting displays and an energetic dance floor will have you raving until the morning.


Where to Eat

Head to Pago Pago, a local establishment since 1986, where creative Mediterranean food with a French twist is on the menu. Located right by the marina, you can expect to sample the freshest seafood in town. Or eat until your heart is content at the Fish Market on the southern coast, where rich salads and entrees are served alongside fish, seafood, meat dishes, and stunning views of the Red Sea mountains.


Where to Stay

Centrally located and with spacious rooms, a trendy lounge, well-stocked bar, and pool for cooling off, Abraham Eilat delivers on all fronts. In our selection of private rooms, some with a private balcony, you will find all the comforts to enjoy your stay without needing to splurge, meaning you can save some cash to spend elsewhere in the city!



Whilst you’re in the region, consider spending a few days in the Sinai Peninsula, coined ‘Egypt’s paradise,’ a desert resort in the middle of the Red and the Mediterranean Sea. Accessible from the Taba Crossing in Eilat, Sinai is an easy-to-reach destination as a tag on your honeymoon in Israel.

Whether you want to dive into the Red Sea reefs, hike up Mount Sinai for spectacular views, partake in desert adventures, discover the fascinating Bedouin culture, explore the wadis (valleys), or simply rock in a hammock to the gentle sound of the waves, Sinai is a sublime spot to visit with your loved one.


aqua sun abraham


Where to Stay

Designed in traditional Egyptian style and capturing the magic of the land, Aqua Sun is a divine serenity set amid two kilometers of private beach. Choose from a romantic hut by the waterfront and wake up to the sea waves; a stylish room overlooking the water; or a luxury suite with separate living room and large private balcony to admire the view. Also, take advantage of classes at the hotel’s yoga studio, and make time to check out Egyptian gastronomy at the restaurant.

Israel is a compact, strikingly beautiful, historically significant country intertwined with modern day activities, romantic nature, sublime food, and cultural findings at every turn. We hope you make ever-lasting memories on your honeymoon in Israel.



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