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Israel Tour Packages With Abraham!

Israel Tour Packages With Abraham!

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One of the most affordable and efficient ways to tour the Holy Land is with an Israel tour package. Designed to showcase more than a mere snapshot, such tours are an opportunity to delve deeper into history, immerse in nature, savor local cuisine, and explore the holiest of sites. 

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Abraham Packages 

Abraham Tours has a diversity of Israel tour packages for your choosing, alongside options in Jordan and Egypt, with the benefits of transport, knowledgeable local tour guides, a self-guided tour app, a diversity of participants from all around the globe, and plenty more planned out for you. Accommodation, whether at one of our hostels or elsewhere, is included in each package. With every minor detail taken care of, the only decision you’ll need to make is which tour to venture on first!

Even if you’ve visited before, an Israel tour package can offer unique insight and perspective into places you’ve perhaps only scratched the surface of, or tick off more spots on your must-visit list!


Northern Israel Tour  

The north of Israel has a more agreeable year-round climate for those who enjoy a seasonal shift and want to beat the heat of the coastal region.The northern Israel Tour Package is a zealous expedition across Haifa, Acre, Golan Heights, and Nazareth, combining a variety of our most popular tours in one. 

Day one whisks you to Haifa’s meticulously lawned Baha’i Gardens, followed by a tour of ancient Acre to explore the inner workings of an olive press. In the evening, you’ll put your cooking skills to the test at a workshop in Nazareth. 

Highlights of day two are soaking up the serenity of the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights region, where the fishing town of Capernaum rests, as well as the scenic Caesarea Philippi, close to where Peter told Jesus he was the Christ.  

And let’s not forget nibbling your way through Nazareth with our Eat, Pray, Love Tour — before traveling to the Arab fishing village of Jisr az-Zarqa for an authentic look at life in the village, and Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael for a peek into one of Israel’s only remaining truly communal communities. 


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Negev Desert Hike & Ramon Crater

If the desert warmth and wilderness sound appealing, look no further than Abraham’s Negev Desert Hike & Ramon Crater tour, where two days of desert activities in the Negev blend with stunning scenery and a camping experience you’ll feel compelled to share across social media! 

Spanning around 60% of Israel’s land, the Negev in Israel’s south is an impressively developing region where thousands of Bedouins reside, — in fact, accounting for 25% of the local population. And home to striking geological formations which are sure to capture your attention among untampered land.

One of the major focal points of the Negev is the Ramon Crater, known as Makhtesh Ramon, an expansive heart-shaped geological feature in touching distance of Mitzpe Ramon. Take a moment to capture spellbinding pictures from the breezy lookout!

The tour is also a unique opportunity to wander the unparalleled beauty of the desert, with its dusty peaks and thrilling views rolling out before you. Let’s not forget the other main highlight – a desert camping adventure! Part of the package includes a pitched camp as sunset draws, with a feast to satisfy the heartiest of appetites and local beer for those who enjoy a tipple. More hiking and more desert are on day two’s agenda, just make sure your phone has enough memory to store all your memories from this extraordinary trip.


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The Ultimate Desert Experience: 5 Days in Petra, Eilat & Dead Sea

Combining many of Israel’s highlights with a Jordanian adventure,Abraham’s 5-day desert package is the ultimate nature getaway. Departing from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, you’ll travel to Jordan and wind your way through its stunning desert. You’ll stop at Mount Nebo and Madaba, before arriving at the Seven Wonders Bedouin Campsite. Experience authentic Bedouin hospitality at your home away from home for two nights.

Day two’s itinerary is a chance to explore impressive Petra with a tour guide, soaking up the wonders of this desert jewel and its sensational architectural structures, meticulously carved into its pink sandstone. Following a second night at camp, you’re off to explore Wadi Rum’s red dunes on an exhilarating 4×4 Jeep tour.  

A hop, skip and a jump later, you’ll arrive in Eilat where Abraham’s hostel is your base to rest, but first, take a yacht ride around the Red Sea is on the agenda — home to over a thousand water species — where you can marvel at the vibrant sea life. 

The grand finale is exploring the Judean Desert to the foot of the ancient fortress of Masada, where a cable car will whizz you to its summit for a view like no other. You’ll also have a moment to wander the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a desert oasis, and, of course, float in the salty dead waters, lathered in therapeutic mud, if you so wish. 




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Israel, Petra & Wadi Rum Tour

Among our Israel tour packages is a standout adventure with an 8-day tour in and around Israel, Petra & Wadi Rum, for a glimpse of Israel and Jordan treasures. This mega-package includes a walking tour of Jaffa, one of the world’s oldest cities, and our self-guided Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea Tour, where you’ll witness the unmatched beauty of a desert sunrise. History buffs can relish in ancient tales of Jerusalem’s Old City, before an overnight stay in our hostel.

The second half of the tour is dedicated to the magnificence of Jordan (where you’ll sleep at an authentic Bedouin camp), starting at the ancient town of Madaba and Mount Nebo, mentioned in the Bible. And the following day, a guided tour of the Lost City of Petra, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, is on the cards — home to exquisitely carved structures within its dusty rose stone. 

Wadi Rum, or the ‘Valley of the Moon,’ is a sandstone vastness in southern Jordan and the largest wadi in the country. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the area was once home to Nabateans, and today draws hoards of tourists who enjoy a 4×4 Jeep tour by day and stargazing at night.

If that wasn’t enough to whet your palette, the package concludes our Best of the West Bank Tour, where a local Palestinian guide will touch upon history and culture across Qasr-el-Yehud, Ramallah, and Bethlehem, the hometown of Jesus.


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Jesus Trail

Abraham’s three-day and six-day Jesus Trail packages are a remarkable trek through history, where not only you’ll embark in the literal footsteps of Jesus Christ, but delve into culture, religion, and nature at their most awe-inspiring. And it’s not just for those interested in religion — the Jesus Trail crosses through local towns, busy cities, and the unparalleled outdoors for an up close and personal experience in this fascinating region.

The three-day Jesus Trail self-guided tour combines walking by Mount Arbel, reaching the Sea of Galilee, visiting a plethora of churches, Bedouin Village, and a spattering of historical landmarks in the area — all starting in Nazareth, onto Cana (15.1km), and from Arbel to Capernaum. Breathtaking views of the Galilean region, visiting Tabgha, and reveling in the ruckus of nearby cities by foot are just a selection of highlights you can look forward to on this Israel tour package.

The extended tour is a chance to sites more sites in the region, including Beit Kesher Forest, the extinct volcano ‘Horns of Hattin’, the shrine Nabi Shu’ayb — the holiest site of the Druze faith, and an overnight at Kibbutz Lavi, one of a handful of Orthodox kibbutzim (collectives) in Israel.


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An Israel Tour Package for Every Taste

From the mountain peaks to the wild desert, hiking through historical wanders, and tapping into Jordan’s beauty, Abraham’s Israel Tour Packages are a breath of fresh air for all types of travelers, especially for those who want to dodge the stress of planning! For the best guides, experiences, adventures, and jam-packed schedules at an unbeatable value, look no further!




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