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Petra Tours from Israel: Top 5 Packages

Petra Tours from Israel: Top 5 Packages

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Petra, the ‘Lost City’ and one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World, is a gem among the picturesque mountains of southwest Jordan. This ancient city, which took center stage in the Arab kingdom in Hellenistic and Roman times, was built out of sandstone cliffs 2300 years ago by the Nabateans in 312 BC. This makes it one of the longest-standing cities on the planet today. 

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Among the 500 magnificent buildings in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, encased within architecturally designed grandiose, are the Treasury, a meticulously carved masterpiece, that first greets you from the towering sandstone split leading from the Siq’s exit; and the colossal first-century AD Nabataean Amphitheater, chiseled from the rock and with seating for 8,000 spectators. 

Around 100 km away, enveloped in pre-historic sandstone and granite is Wadi Rum, a protected area on Saudi Arabia’s border. Also known as The Valley of the Moon, the 720 km2 stretch is the largest wadi in Jordan. Red sand (colored by iron oxide), soaring cliffs, and over 25,000 rock carvings characterize this cultural site. 

Our Petra Tours are the easiest way to reach Jordan from Israel. With direct transport from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat, we take the stress out of getting there. This means you have more time to gawk at the out-of-this-world spots awaiting you. 


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Petra Tours- Which Package Suits your Needs? 

Our tours give you options including a quick day tour from Eilat or the multi-day full Jordan experience. Here’s a snapshot:

Eilat & Jordan package (3-days)

This three-day package tour combines the best of Eilat with Jordan for a trip of a lifetime! After a night soaking up Eilat’s beach, sea life and nightlife, you’ll depart the next morning to Aquba to dine on a local brunch, followed by a thrilling ride through Wadi Rum’s sloping dunes via a 4×4 Jeep. That night, you’ll experience a traditional Bedouin campsite with a delicious home-cooked meal. The next morning is an early wake-up call for breakfast and off to Petra for a day of adventure and exploring, before returning to Eilat.

Departs: Saturday and Tuesday

Includes: Transportation to all sites, entrance fees, a guide, a Jeep tour, accommodation and meals.


Petra & Wadi Rum tour from Tel Aviv & Jerusalem (3-day tour)

The Petra 3 day tour leaves from both Abraham Tel Aviv and Abraham Jerusalem with a transfer at Allenby Bridge. From there, you’ll drive to Mt. Nebo to sample a local lunch before continuing to Madaba, a city in central Jordan packed with historical sites and monuments. Then, you’ll head to Petra to experience memorable hospitality at a Bedouin campsite. Day two starts bright and early with breakfast before heading on a group-guided tour of Petra. You’ll also have free time to explore in the afternoon. A second night at camp is followed by breakfast the last morning before leaving for the scenic drive to Wadi Rum. 

A hair-raising Jeep tour and a delicious lunch are on the menu before you leave early evening to travel back to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Accommodation and meals (including a vegetarian option) are included in the package, as are entrance fees, the Jeep tour and guides. 

Departs: Tuesday and Friday

Includes: Accommodation and meals (including a vegetarian option), entrance fees, the Jeep tour and guides


Petra Tour From Tel Aviv & Jerusalem (2-day tour)

If an overnight is all your schedule permits, you can make the most of a two-day tour of Petra departing from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. After crossing Allenby Bridge, you’ll travel to Mt. Nebo for a tasty lunch at a local restaurant before continuing to Petra, where you’ll enjoy dinner and overnight at a Bedouin campsite. The following morning it’s breakfast at the camp and then heading to Petra’s visitor center for a tour and time to explore. After lunch, you’ll travel back to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

Departs: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Includes: Transportation to all sites, a guide, entrance fees, accommodation at a Bedouin campsite and most meals


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Petra and Wadi Rum from Eilat (2-day tour)

If Eilat features on your Israel vacation, Petra is just a stone’s throw away. Abraham’s two-day Petra and Wadi Rum tour Eilat has all the highlights you’d expect from your Jordan trip, including a taste of Aqaba, a Jeep safari of Wadi Rum, an overnight at a traditional Bedouin campsite (where you’ll immerse yourself in local culture and warm hospitality) and a guided tour of Petra, with time to explore after. 

Departs: Sunday and Wednesday

Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance fees, a Jeep tour, accommodation and meals are all included. 


Petra from Eilat: Full-Day Experience

One of the most unique petra tours is our Petra from Eilat: Full-Day Experience. Given the proximity, you can take advantage of a special opportunity to visit the Lost City in the space of a day. Departing bright and early at 6.30am, you’ll first enjoy a Jordanian street food breakfast in Aqaba, before reaching Petra by 10am, with ample time for a guided tour and a chance to experience lunch with a local Jordanian family. You’ll arrive back in Eilat that same evening.

Departs: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Includes: Transportation to all sites, entrance fees, breakfast, lunch and a guide. 




Abraham Eilat 

Abraham Eilat opened in 2020 with a roaring launch as we welcomed tourists worldwide. Located a hop, skip and jump from the Eilat Central Bus Station, the hostel serves as your hub for reaching every attraction across the city. A breezy pool with DJ tunes for a party vibe, a well-stocked bar with year-round summer cocktails, a spacious and airy lounge, TV room, laundry facilities and a luggage room with lockers are all part of the package. Plus, you have your pick of room options, including male and female (and mixed) dorms, plus economy, family and private rooms with an en-suite.


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