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The Abraham online art shop showcases works from local artists within the talented Tel Aviv creative community who have helped shape the Abraham brand. The mission of our online store is to showcase and expose the dynamic works of local artists in the community, helping them to grow and expand their reach.

Our art e-shop is an opportunity for our collective of hand-picked artists and small businesses to grow across both local and international markets. Guests and visitors can purchase a variety of unique art as a reminder of their travels in Israel, whilst also supporting this flourishing hub of community creatives. 

What is it that attracts us to travel to new places?

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Since the days of the explorers, the curiosity to discover, learn and experience new cultures first hand has been a driving force in our journeys across the globe. This concept sparked the inspiration behind Abraham Hostels and Tours, designed as not only a place of accommodation, but an independent creative space that constitutes a cultural micro-cosmos in itself.

Graffiti and Permanent Exhibits


Graffiti works began to cover our walls after the opening of the Tel Aviv branch, as a way to reimagine the elements and urban vibe of the city inside, from the street to the hostel itself. Very quickly, our fellow branches began inviting artists, and the spray can is still going strong. Along with the murals, our spaces and corridors exhibit permanent installations, from sculptures and photographs to various mixed-media works, that have become an integral part of the hostel.



At the center of Abraham’s artistic activity is our dynamic hostel exhibitions. From rotating exhibitions in galleries to permanent installations across our corridors and common spaces, the hostel serves as an alternative artists’ residency and seeks to redefine the concept of a “museum” and exhibition space. We host solo, group, and studential exhibitions in a wide range of themes and mediums which present diverse and unique angles of local creation.

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We are always on the search for new collaborations, either with local artists or international ones. We host changing residency projects and offer different opportunities to work with us through art.

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