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Olga Vayshbein is an artist and illustrator who is recognized for her unique style and technique in creating monotype artworks. As one of the artists of the Duck & Dodo art group, she primarily works with ink stains, revealing her psyche, hidden desires, and fears through her creations. In her monotypes, Olga sees a transfiguration of the subconscious, portraying emotional states and the sublime depth of her innermost thoughts. Her process starts with abstract, random strokes of ink on paper, which gradually evolves into something animated and meaningful, based on her current mood and state of mind.

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“Balloons” by Olga Vayshbein is a stunning piece of artwork created using the monotype technique. Available as an A3 print, this limited edition piece is part of a series of just ten copies, making it a rare and exclusive addition to any art collection.

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