Mutabor! Fantasy Creature #10 Art Print


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A4 Art Print

Yana Gorelik is a talented artist who has undergone a complex phase in her artistic life, where she has moved from pure aesthetics to exploring deeper themes such as personal fears, insecurities, self-censorship, and loneliness. Despite this, her recent works in the past few years still manage to deal with the metaphysical state of self-expression and inner truth. Through her art, she expresses her feelings and impressions of the surrounding atmosphere and creates a silent dialogue and intimacy between individuals and urban nature. Yana often asks herself how one can preserve beauty and aesthetic while dealing with darker, deeper themes. Her “Mutabor” series features creatures that are both horrifying and lovable, a reflection of the paradoxical nature of life. Yana’s artwork is a search for inner light and bravery, as she evaluates the metaphorical world she creates on paper and canvas. Ultimately, she explores the question of how one finds their inner truth and whether salvation can be found in the dominion of the demonic.
Acrylic & Color Pencils on Paper

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Full Description

The “Mutabor” series explores a realm of fantasy creatures that blend playfulness with darkness and joy.

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