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Best Bars in Tel-Aviv – Staff Recommendations 

Best Bars in Tel-Aviv – Staff Recommendations 

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We decided that it was time that our team gathered a list of the best bars in Tel-Aviv that you don't want to miss on your next visit. Here are some of our favourite recommendations.

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Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. When visiting, you don’t want to miss the vibrant nightlife scene! Whether you are looking for a chill evening while exploring the city, or an edgier kind of vibe, in Tel-Aviv you can find the perfect spot. Best bars in Tel-Aviv, Abraham edition:



The Schnitt is an all in one brewery, restaurant and bar. Open from noon until the late-night hours. Come and taste the selection of unique beers made each month at the brewery (we especially recommend the IPA). Great place to taste local quality beer in a great atmosphere! 

Address: Ha’arba’a 12


Radio E.P.G.B

Every local knows and loves Radio EPGB, which brings diverse content that answers to many tastes, such as Hip-Hop parties, the best DJs from the local scene, and regular stand up nights. It’s a house to some great indie electronic music and is the place to visit if you are looking for some underground music and art. 

Address: Shadal 7 



Bavel is a new bar in the Mikve Israel compound. It is a spacious bar with one of the most unique designs you can find in the city. The place hosts different parties and live music, making each visit a memorable experience. 

Address: Mikve Israel 8



Sputnik describe themselves as a “retro-futuristic bar” on their Facebook page, and we definitely couldn’t explain it better. One of the best places to visit in the city, if you would like to dance into the night or just grab a quick beer with a friend or by yourself. 

Address: Allenby 122


Ariella House Bar

Only a few steps away from our hostel, you can find the house of Ariella Landa, who was the owner of several bars in the city. The bar is now back after Covid in its improved version, and you can either sit in the cosey inside section or the noisy and vibrating outside yard. 

Address: Harakevet 2 



What started as a cute pop-up which moved across different parts of the city, is now in its permanent location at the Romano House in Neve Tsedek. Teder puts together all kinds of culture: good food, parties, concerts, markets and more. It’s one of those places where you don’t have to check the itinerary in advance; simply come and enjoy yourself.

Address: Jaffa Road 9


Levontin 7

On the first floor of the Levontin 7, there’s a comfortable and accessible bar, in a neighbourhood atmosphere which is sometimes difficult to find in a city like Tel-Aviv. In contrast, you can listen to live indie shows on the basement floor. This location’s great advantage is that you can order a great vegan pizza from the neighbour restaurant “The Green Cat”.

Address: Surprisingly, Levontin 7 


Kuli Alma

The Kuli Alma is a home for music and art, focusing on the nightlife scene. The place is filled with wall art and uses VJ screenings, and you will love to endlessly walk around the building, between the different spaces and halls. 

Address: Mikve Israel 10 



Buxa is one of the chicest, coolest places in Tel-Aviv; a miniature doll shop. The bar shows a collection of dolls, neatly organised in the showcase. After you find the doll which your heart is longing for (or the one you think would fit best in your living room, because you’re not the dramatic type), you can grab your stylish cocktail and listen to some great local DJs, on all days of the week. 

Address: Rothschild 31


Jimmy Who?

The Jimmy Who? Has been in our lives for over a decade now, and keeps providing us with unforgettable nights. Here you will find the best parties in the city!

Address: Rothschild 24


Guest Room

A few steps away from our hostel you can find the Guest Room, a great cocktail bar with a friendly staff and cosy atmosphere. You can enjoy some of the best cocktails in the city, made by the hands of true professionals. Even if cocktails are not your thing, we assure you that you will find something you like- just ask for the staff’s recommendations. Try to hop in during the Happy Hour between 18:00-20:00.

Address: Mikve Israel 26


Porter & Sons

If you are looking for fine dining and a great selection of beers, Porter and Sons is your place. Besides the impressive beer selection, you can find quality dishes with vegetarian and vegan options for any taste. You can come for a casual dinner or celebrate with a large group of friends. 

Address: Ha’arba’a 14


Abraham Tel-Aviv Bar- Meet People from All Around the World!

We saved the best for the last; our bar at the Abraham Tel-Aviv is home to all its visitors. Our bar is open every day, is very spacious, and you will easily find a comfortable spot on one of our hammocks or sofas while sipping on your drink. We also invite you to check out our different events: parties, exhibitions, live shows and more. As part of our agenda, we strive to promote local culture, so you can often find us hosting different artists and musicians. 

You can join our pub crawl and experience the city with our team members, who will make sure you get to see all the best places, some of which you can find on this list. If you want to meet people from all around the world and explore the best spots in the city, we recommend that you sign up and join us for some awesome adventures!


Abraham Tel-Aviv

If you are looking for the ultimate vacation in Tel-Aviv, or want to come and experience the city’s nightlife without one of your friends being the driver on duty, we invite you to stay at our hostel which is located in the heart of the city! We offer dormitories as well as private rooms at great prices.




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