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Things To Do In Tel Aviv – The Ultimate Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Things To Do In Tel Aviv – The Ultimate Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Destinations > Things To Do In Tel Aviv – The Ultimate Tel Aviv Travel Guide
A bustling city perched on the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is unlike anywhere else in the world. The only downside to visiting this sunshine-flooded metropolis is that because there’s no shortage of things to do in Tel Aviv, it can be tough to decide how to spend your time here.

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Should you bask on the beach all day? Which amazing restaurant should you visit for lunch? And how do you even begin to explore the Tel Aviv nightlife scene? Never fear, Abraham is here with your ultimate Tel Aviv travel guide.

In order to figure out the best way to guide you through Tel Aviv, we decided to set you up with the perfect itinerary for a full day in Tel Aviv, hour by hour. To get around the city for this action-packed day, you have a few options for transportation. Many of these recommendations are within walking distance of each other, and there is an excellent bike share service available throughout the city, as well as electric scooters which you can rent (such as Wind and Bird). The city bus system is also easy to navigate with the help of apps such as Moovit, and there are cabs available with the app Gett, and rideshare cars with Bubble.

So go ahead and get a good night’s sleep, because this day is going to be jam-packed with the best things to do in Tel Aviv.


9:00: Enjoy a classic Israeli breakfast

Good morning! Or boker tov, as we say in Hebrew. There’s no better way to kick off your Tel Avivian day than with a classic Israeli breakfast. Any Tel Aviv restaurant or cafe serving breakfast is almost guaranteed to have it, and it’s popular for good reason. You’ll be served a platter with eggs, bread, and an array of dips and salads, which are sure to delight your taste buds.

If you’re staying at our hostels, we offer our own delicious take on this classic. In addition to the amazing breakfast, you can enjoy delicious pastries, sandwiches, coffee and much more in the Lilush Bistro on the lounge floor of the hostel. But if you’re looking to explore Tel Aviv restaurants bright and early, some of our favorites for breakfast include Benedict (there is one located near our hostel), Café Xoho, Yom Tov Cafe, Bucke Cafe, while those looking for vegan options can try Anastasia or Michaelangelo.

Coffee drinkers rejoice, because Tel Aviv is an incredible city for cafes and excellent coffee. 





10:00: Explore Old Jaffa

The first stop of the day after breakfast will be south, in the ancient port city of Old Jaffa. Here you’ll find incredible landmarks, unique architecture, and plenty of alleyways to explore. Old Jaffa is bustling with food, shops, and there is still a port that is active today. A great place to start is at the Jaffa Clock Tower, and if you’re looking for guidance, there are often free walking tours of Jaffa by several tour companies. Be sure to check out the Jaffa Flea Market if you’re there on a day that it’s open, especially if you make it back to Jaffa in the evening, because it truly comes alive at night.


12:00: Visit the American Colony, Florentine, & Neve Tzedek

Many parts of Tel Aviv have distinct history, architecture, and culture, and exploring the streets and alleys is one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv. The neighborhood known as the American Colony was founded in the 19th century when Americans from Maine came to modern-day Israel, and brought their colonial-style homes with them. These homes were assembled here, and what remains is a neighborhood in the Middle East with colonial American architecture. 

The Florentine neighborhood is nearby, and here you’ll find iconic Tel Aviv graffiti and street art everywhere you look. Discover the magic of the neighborhood with Abraham’s Graffiti Tour! You can stroll through Levinsky Market (located on Levinsky Street) where you’ll pass stalls filled with spices, dried fruits, nuts, and plenty of restaurants. 

Then, head over to Neve Tzedek. This neighborhood was actually the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of Jaffa, and it’s now home to trendy restaurants alongside posh shops and boutiques. You can even see the Mediterranean Sea from parts of Neve Tzedek, but don’t worry, we’re heading there later.


things to do in tel aviv


13:00 Dine on a delicious lunch

You’re probably pretty hungry by now, so it’s an excellent time to stop for lunch. Some of the best Tel Aviv restaurants feature a classic Israeli option: hummus. And yes, hummus is an entire meal! When you order it at Tel Aviv restaurants, you’ll be served a warm plate of fresh hummus with a side of fluffy pita. You can have your hummus topped with egg, mushrooms, and plenty of other mouth-watering options. Some of our favorite hummus spots around this part of the city include Hummus Eliyahu, Hummus Beit Lehem, and Hummus HaKerem, but if you’re eating hummus elsewhere, Abu Hassan is known for being one of the oldest and most famous hummus spots in Israel.


things to do in tel aviv


14:00 Stroll through Shuk HaCarmel

Maybe save a little bit of room after lunch, because Shuk HaCarmel, or the Carmel Market, is up next. This marketplace is one of the most famous places in the city, and you definitely have to add it to your list of things to do in Tel Aviv. There is plenty of food from around the world here (if you weren’t in the mood for hummus), and you can enjoy treats such as kanafeh, a crispy and sweet Middle Eastern dessert, as well as jachnun, a layered dough that’s from Yemen.

There are plenty of places to sit and have a drink or a dessert in the Shuk haCarmel, or you can simply feast your eyes on the bustle of activity. Our tip: be sure to turn down the side alleyways, you never know what you might find.


15:00 Take in the Tel Avivian culture

There are plenty of places that are iconic around the city, which you can easily add to your day and will have you feeling like a local. The CIty Center is home to Dizengoff Center and Rabin Square, which are lively public squares with plenty to see and do. If you want to unwind outside, take a trip up to the north of the city to lounge in the sprawling HaYarkon Park, which is spacious and a great place to ride bicycles.

Tel Aviv also has a rich arts and culture scene. The city is home to plenty of art galleries and museums, such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which has works from classic artists as well as modern rotating installations, and the Sommer Gallery for Contemporary Art. Fashion lovers are also in for a treat, because Tel Aviv is home to plenty of designer clothing boutiques along with vintage shops. You’ll notice that Israeli fashion varies widely, and you can find high-end designers along with trendy boutiques and second-hand stores. There are also plenty of shops selling unique art, jewelry, and home decor, if you’re looking for something beautiful to take home for yourself or someone else.


Looking for a nice place to stay in the city? Look no further than Abraham Tel-Aviv!


16:30 Head to the beach

Depending on the time of year you visit Tel Aviv, this might be the perfect time of day to head to the beach. During the summer months it can be quite hot during the peak hours of the day, so going a little later helps you beat the extreme heat. But if you’re visiting Tel Aviv in the cooler months, you might want to head to the beach earlier in the day. The Tel Aviv beaches are picturesque, and there are plenty of different spots to choose from. You can simply bring a towel and lay in the sand, or choose a lounge chair at one of the many beach-side restaurants. There are also surf shops, and if you’ve ever dreamed of taking a surf lesson, now is your chance. If you’d rather stay off the sand but still want to experience the Tel Aviv beaches, the North Port is an excellent place to grab a bite to eat or have a drink while overlooking the sea. Our advice? Stay for a stunning sunset over the Mediterranean Sea, it’s always an incredible show.


things to do in tel aviv


19:00 Discover amazing happy hour deals

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene is legendary, but a “hidden secret” at Tel Aviv bars is the Happy Hour specials. Many bars offer Happy Hours (usually from around 18:00 to 20:00), but they may not say it on signs or menus. Ask your bartender to be sure, and Happy Hours are always subject to change, but some of our favorite spots for Happy Hour cocktails include The Guest Room, Spicehaus, Imperial Cocktail Bar, and Bellboy. And of course, the Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv rooftop is an amazing place to enjoy a Happy Hour cocktail, make some amazing new friends, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.


21:00 Hit the town and explore the Tel Aviv nightlife

You probably know by now (because we can’t stop talking about it) but the Tel Aviv nightlife scene is unparalleled, not only in the Middle East, but around the world. No matter what type of night you’re looking to have, there’s something for everyone. You can sit for a casual beer, enjoy a swanky rooftop bar, or dance the night away at the energetic night clubs.. Some of the best night clubs in the city include Kuli Alma, Radio EPGB (usually just referred to as “Radio”), Sputnik and Drama, and they’re all just a few minutes away from our Tel Aviv hostel. Other popular options include TEDER.FM, Lima Lima, Buxa Bar, and Alphabet. Wherever you choose to go, we’re sure you’ll never be bored when you head out to enjoy Tel Aviv’s nightlife.

If you want to make friends with other travelers while hopping around to the best clubs in the city, ask us about our Tel Aviv Pub Crawl.


things to do in tel aviv


Tel Aviv is Waiting For You

While that might have been a tiring day, we’re so happy to share our favorite parts of this incredible city with you. And of course, there are plenty of things that didn’t make the list, and we’re sure that once you’re here, you’ll discover them all on your own. Check out our Bike Tour which will take you on a fantastic ride in the city. Meet new friends and discover the city with Abraham!

For a full list of our incredible tours all over the country, be sure to head over to our Tours page.



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