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Winter Vacation in Sinai

Winter Vacation in Sinai

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The Sinai Peninsula, a part of Egypt, is deeply rooted in a culture of hospitality, with many of its accommodations and camps run by Bedouins. In contrast to summer, when temperatures soar into the high 90s, winters hover around the mid to high 60s. During a winter vacation in Sinai, you can avoid the humidity, but still enjoy lazing at the beach.  

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The Perfect Winter Destination

If you’re toying with the idea of a winter vacation in Sinai, we’re here to nudge you in the right direction—of booking! Sinai, a picture-perfect landscape of desert and dust-swept mountains, is an ideal winter vacation destination. Day and night, the weather is pleasant, with little chance of rain or snow. It’s also within easy reach of Eilat in southern Israel if you feel like tagging on a poolside stay at our centrally located hostel.

Whilst our Sinai guide has you covered on how to get there, it’s worth mentioning there are flights from Tel Aviv to Sharm El Sheikh via Israir and Arkia. Or you can enter by ground from Israel via the Taba Crossing Border.


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Things to Do

Sinai is not only alluring for its sandy beaches and resorts, but also for its breathtaking sand-swept scenery. Sea and desert lovers are simply drawn to the region. Spanning 60,000km2, the Peninsula is shaped like a triangle—resting on the southern Mediterranean sea at the north and Gulf of Aqaba at the southeastern shore. There’s much to see and do. Here are a few ideas for your travel list.


Sharm El Sheikh

Referred to as the ‘Sharm’ by many, this southern Egyptian city at the tip of the desert Peninsula is a winter vacation dream and a trendy tourist hotspot, not least for its glorious year-round weather. Historically speaking, the region was part of the Israeli territory and was returned back to the ownership of the Egyptians in 1979, who continued its development. 

Populated by Red Sea coral reefs, buzzing resorts, beaches, sites of religious significance, markets, shopping and an effervescent nightlife with delicious cuisine options around the Na’ama Bay area, you’ll want to allot ample time for exploring this region. 

Adventure seekers can jump at the chance to explore by quad bike and Jeep safari tour, or parasail the sea for a glimpse of the sensational skyline.



Sinai is home to plenty of diving schools with options for both novice and advanced divers to experience the underwater charm. Snorkeling, introductory dives, courses and diving photography workshops are available on a year-round basis, but as this is a winter vacation, expect choppier water and a dip in sea temperature (around 72-75°F). For the full scoop, read our Sinai diving guide


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Ras Mohammed National Park

A breathtaking nature reserve around 12km from the Sharm, Ras Mohammed National Park encompasses an area of 480 km2 including both land and water. Not to mention, two islands resting alongside the peninsula, which span the park’s protected areas. Its coastline, a stretch of crystal clear water, brims with over 200 species of coral less than 100 meters from the sea’s surface. It’s a paradise for marine lovers—1000 types of fish, friendly sea turtles and more populate this area. This world-renowned diving site is a must-visit for a front-row view of the spectacular underwater marine life.


Mount Sinai and St Catherine Monastery

Known traditionally as Jabal Musa, Mount Sinai is the very spot where, according to religion, Moses received the Ten Commandments. It’s also one of the highest peaks in Egypt towering at 2,285 meters. Winter is the ideal time for hiking its summit, via one of two routes for a sunrise that illuminates a view reaching as far as the Gulf of Aqaba, Africa and Saudi Arabia in the distance. 

Around the foot of the mountain (close to the town of Saint Catherine) is the Monastery of St. Catherine, the oldest active monastery anywhere in the world (it was founded in 527), and an intact UNESCO World Heritage Site as of 2002. As part of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the site is where God is said to have appeared to Moses in the Burning Bush. Therein lies works of art painted prior to the 8th century and Greek and Arabic manuscripts contained securely in a library built in the 1940s. 



A contrast of rugged mountains against shimmering waters, Dahab is a quaint town resting on the southeast coast of Sinai at the Gulf of Aqaba. It’s also quite the spot for adventure seekers. From windsurfing and SUP to kayaking and kitesurfing in the Blue Lagoon, Dahab is where the action is at. And for those who prefer to keep their feet on land, you can try your hand at bouldering and rock climbing in desert nature.


Where to Stay 

Aqua Sun Village is one of the latest additions to Abraham’s accommodation offerings—a serene beach village in Nuweiba, Taba, just 30 minutes from the border that serves as your winter vacation away from home. 

A private beach is the crown jewel of this tranquil stretch—just roll out of bed (literally) onto the sand, meters from the glistening ocean, and start your day.  Buy your snorkeling gear at our reception and head straight to the sea for a close-up view of the stunning reef and rich underwater sea life! Room options include standard (up to 2 people), double (up to 3 people), and family (2-4 people), as well as a buffet breakfast spread and dinner. Come hungry, the hotel’s kitchen serves a spread of local gastronomy fare. The village has a living room hub, whether to relax or work, and a third-floor rooftop for capturing stunning views of this sunny paradise.



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