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About Abraham Bohol


Abraham Bohol is a fantastic getaway experience for those wanting to make great summer memories as well as unforgettable exploration ventures in the untouched beauty of Bohol’s nature sites. As part of the globally-recognized Abraham brand of hospitality and its goal to be an international hub that welcomes people from various walks of life, it provides tours and a fun and comfortable place to stay for its guests with a warm smile and excellent service.

Abraham Bohol is part of the Abraham brand’s chain of hostels.

Abraham Bohol

Abraham Bohol is an amazing resort just 10 minutes away from Bohol-Panglao International Airport. The resort was built not only to be comfortable and accessible, but also a prime example of showcasing the unique brand identity of Abraham with key features that highlight Philippine artistry and natural wonders, especially that of Bohol.

The resort’s location is just a 15-minute walk away from Alona Beach, the prime spot for Panglao’s nightlife where many people from various backgrounds come together to have fun and unwind with the numerous bars and restaurants that offer delicious food and drinks.

The public spaces of Abraham Bohol are where the magic happens. A huge lounge, deep pool, a snack and cocktail bar, and more!

Rooms are offered in several categories: Deluxe for couples or for those wanting to have a bit more privacy, Twin for small groups, and Dormitories for adventurous solo travelers.

Abraham Bohol offers regular joined/shared tours to Pamilacan, the Virgin Island, the countryside wonders of Bohol, and other hidden gems only known to a few. Everything is run by the local team that has developed a great understanding of local activities.


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.