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Things to do in Jerusalem: Abraham’s Special Edition

Things to do in Jerusalem: Abraham’s Special Edition

The Guide to Israel > Things to do in Jerusalem: Abraham’s Special Edition
There are plenty of things to do in Jerusalem any time of the week. Whether you're making a pit stop or planning a long stay in the holy city, there are plenty of exciting things to do.

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Jerusalem may be synonymous with the religious epicenter of the earth—and it’s true. Visiting the city may be like traveling through biblical history and historic sights, but in the present day, Jerusalem is a magnet for the modern-day traveler—a lively selection of culture, music, food, shopping, nightlife and so much more! From exploring underground bars to taking walking tours of the Old City and indulging in the vibrant culinary scene, Jerusalem offers a diverse range of experiences to suit any traveler.


Jam To Music: Jam Sessions, Open Mic, and Live Shows 

Music enthusiasts can soak up Jerusalem’s groove at one of the city’s many haunts!

First off, take note of Abraham’s Jazz nights every Sunday where our house band will treat you to an evening of smooth jams and open mic spots for talent to showcase what they’ve got. Plus our Wednesday night Fem Jam is an opportunity for all the female leads to take center stage and sing it out. 

Roam the streets and stop by Besarabia Bar, an underground lair hosting rotating jam sessions. Expect Balkan beats and NeoFolk to be a major part of the soundtrack, amid a non-pretentious menu and friendly clientele. Catch a live music performance at Yellow Submarine, a non-profit multidisciplinary music center. Established in 1991, the location is a hub for emerging talent, music events, festivals, and some of the country’s most impressive musical talent.  For a more casual scene, Mazkeka is a recording studio and café by day, with a live music line-up and bar at night. Keep an eye on the events calendar and enjoy a night of music, pizza, and your drinks of choice. On that note, tap into Jerusalem’s nightlife scene—you’ll be surprised.


Not sure where to start? Abraham’s Pub Crawl is a highlight reel of the city’s most popular local bars. VIP entrance, free shots, and a guided tour of the city’s vibrant nightlife are all part of this night of antics.


abraham jerusalem

Abraham Jerusalem Fam Jam Night


Join a Tour, Activity or Explore: Walking Tours, Paint & Pint, and Museums 

There’s no shortage of things to do in Jerusalem day and night!

Let Abraham be your guide on a free two-hour walking tour (dapping daily) of the Old City and step back into history as you visit the most spellbinding sites (the Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre included).


holy city tour


Alternatively, our Holy City Tour delves deeper into the revealing past that reveals a vibrant present with a rich past. The tour touches on the locations most sacred to Jews, Muslims, and Christians. 

History buffs will enjoy The Jerusalem Archaeological Park at the Davidson Center near the Western Wall. Roam the meticulously preserved archaeological finds and appreciate the tireless endeavor of this mammoth excavation process that reveals finds from the First and Second Temple periods amid ancient ruins once walked on 2000 years ago and the wide steps built by King Herod leading to the Temple Plaza.

If you’re visiting on a Wednesday, make sure to book a spot on the paint & pint night to unleash your inner artist and create a canvas work of art (with the guidance of an instructor) to hang on your wall back home. 


paint and pint


Let’s not forget the many museums Jerusalem has to offer, dozens spanning a variety of topics from religion to culture and music to history.

The Hebrew Music Museum is an interactive self-guided tour through musical artifacts and beautiful instruments representing the origins and cultures of the Diaspora people. There’s also an art and music gallery selling musical-themed goods to explore after. 

The Israel Museum is holding one of the world’s most significant collections of biblical and Holy Land archaeology.
On a more poignant note, Yad Vashem, located on the Mount of Remembrance, is the country’s largest Holocaust museum at over 4,200m2. Emotional stories are unraveled through the unique visual lens of survivor testimonies and artifacts across galleries, whilst other areas in the complex pay tribute to the millions who perished.


Sample the Culinary Scene: Rooftop Dining, New-York Pizza, Hummus Workshop, and A Vibrant Market

Food glorious food should be at the top of your things to do in Jerusalem list, and there’s no shortage. From hole-in-the-wall treasures to upscale, world-class dining, the holy city is your zipcode for it all. Cheese, wine, and spectacular views await you at Notre Dame Rooftop Restaurant. 

Located near the New Gate and City Hall, this restaurant offers a distinctive experience that appeals to both locals and tourists. A creative display of pizzas will alight your taste buds at Junior Pizza, along with other tasty dishes and a selection of drinks.

At Mimoni’s you can find a hearty veggie/vegan street food made with love.

You must set aside time to swing by the city’s most beloved food haunt, Mahane Yehuda Market—a vibrant bazaar dating back to the end of the 19th century. Some 250 vendors sell everything from fruits, vegetables, and fragrant cheeses, to sweets, spices, and food on the go! An eclectic mix of cultures, made with heart and soul, is up for grabs—fish and chips, bourekas, pizza, kubbeh soup, fried cauliflower stuffed pita, and shamburak included. 

Try your hand at making hummus in our workshop where you’ll learn the skills behind crafting this delicious, vegan, Middle Eastern staple. Then, show off your skills back home!

Oh, and when you need a pick me up, take a coffee break in one of the city’s many haunts. This will impress the most devoted coffee connoisseur. Israel’s climate is a coffee bean-growing dream and is fitting for a country where drinking multiple cups a day is the norm. Check out or try the hottest coffee break spots here.


hummus workshop

Hummus Workshop



Where To Stay

Abraham Jerusalem, located smack in the center, is a modern, multi-style room hostel a mere amble from the city’s cultural and historical highlights. There’s also a room to suit every budget and requirement, whether it’s a bed in our mixed or female or male-specific dorms, a family room catering between 2-6 people, or even a private room with your very own bathroom. More than that, the hostel is a convergence for people from all over to partake in our ever-changing activities, workshops, and events or to grab a drink in the bar and interact with other travelers in our spacious lounge.


abraham jerusalem

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