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Bar - Activities & Events

Abraham Eilat, the coolest place in town! You probably already know that we have arrived in Eilat, but you may not know that we came with tons of events, workshops and exciting concept evenings that are a real treat for our vacationing foreign and local guests! And now presenting, all the events you need to know about, all in one place! Because, between us… the most interesting meetings with new people happen in the most unexpected places! So come on and surprise yourself at the Abraham Hostel Eilat!

Regular Weekly Events

The favorite and most sought-after events that have been transformed from one-time events to regular happenings, once or even twice a week or more! Here you can easily find all the regular events at the Abraham Eilat and enjoy them every week!

קריוקי באברהם הוסטל אילת

Karaoke Party!

Abraham Eilat hosts Eilat’s biggest karaoke party every Thursday! Now is the time to sing as if no


Exhibitions and Rotating Events

All of us here at the Abraham Eilat love (very much!) to offer you new opportunities! Sometimes we organize short-term fairs and events and other times it could be the art, which is the heart of the hostel. Now is the time to review the upcoming events, and, in general, to occasionally stop by and always be updated!

The Abraham Bar Menu

Bar is open daily
Hours: 16:00-23:00

There are summer cocktails (even in winter!) as well as local beers, wines, and exotic drinks.

Between 20:30-21:30 Manta Time! 1 + 1 on beers and chasers.
Hours of operation for the snack bar:
Sun’, Wed’ and Sat’ – 12:00-16:00
Thu’, Fri, – 12:00-22:00


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.

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