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Fauzi Azar Location

Fauzi Azar by Abraham is located in the heart of Nazareth’s Old City, only about a minute’s walk from the shuk (marketplace). The guesthouse’s location is ideal, as it’s just a few blocks from both of Nazareth’s two city centers, a host of restaurants and coffee shops, and the attractions of the Old City. All of Nazareth’s major attractions, including the Basilica of the Annunciation, the White Mosque, and the Greek Orthodox St. Gabriel’s Church are no more than 10-15 minutes away from the Fauzi Azar. Wandering through the narrow streets of the Old City is a delight in itself, and both the Fauzi and other vantage points nearby afford wonderful panoramic views of Nazareth.


main locations

  • Fauzi Azar
  • The White Mosque
    3 min
  • Open Market
    1 min
  • Basilica of the Annunciation
    10 min


Arriving From Jerusalem- Take Egged route number 955 from the central bus station in Jerusalem to Nazareth's Old City. Get off at Paulos the Sixth Street. From there it is a 10 min walk to the Fauzi Azar. The ticket is 44 ILS.

Arriving From Tel Aviv- Take Egged route number 826 from central bus station Tel Aviv (departs from the 7th floor) to Nazareth's old city. Get Off at the Big Center station in Nazareth. From there it is a 20 min walk to the Fauzi Azar. For the exact bus, schedule check out, the Israel Public Transportation website.


Please do not use your mobile apps or GPS devices to navigate directly to Fauzi Azar , due to the transportation constraints of the Old City in Nazareth. Instead, navigate to Tishreen restaurant on Al-Bishara Street (Annunciation Street) by the market. From there you can either find parking for Fauzi Azar, or walk directly into the Old City and the Inn. GPS - The Fauzi Azar can also be located via Global Positioning System. Our coordinates are: 32.704644,35.297517


The nearest parking lot is called Almutran, just a seven-minute walk from the hostel.

Another option is El Reyad underground parking.

There is also street parking around the old town, marked in blue and white. Make sure to pay at the machine and display your ticket on the inside of the car window.


From Big Center in Nazareth, head to Tawfiq Ziad St. walk along Tawfiq Ziad St and after 800 meters, at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Al-Bishara St. Walk along Al-Bishara St and follow the street signs pointing to the Fauzi Azar .

For direction


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