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Dror Tishler

Dror Tishler was born in Jerusalem, where he still lives with his family, his wife, daughter and three sons (to say nothing of the dog and the cat).

His hobbies have always included art, history and backpacking. Dror has hiked Israel extensively, starting when he was 15 years old, hiking alone and with a couple of friends, before, at age 17, heading for his first overseas adventure.

Dror became too well acquainted with long hauls carrying heavy loads during his four and a half years of service in one of the IDF elite combat units. It was during this time that Dror met Nitzan Kimchi, with whom he later founded Kata as well as several other enterprises.

After finishing his military duty Dror travelled for about a year, backpacking in Latin America with his wife.

After returning to Israel, he studied Geographical History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, whilst working in the Geographic Society taking groups to Latin America, Scandinavia and Morocco. At the same time he was a guide in Israel – mainly in Jerusalem, teaching outdoor seminars for interested scholar audiences and field hikes for teenagers.

In the late 80’s Kata was established by Dror Tishler and Nitzan Kimchi. The company develops, designs, manufactures and markets professional carrying solutions. In the initial years the company explored the fields of military carrying gear, as well as specialized equipment such as musical instrument carrying bags, systems for expeditions around the world, and sophisticated packaging for sensitive field equipment.

Eventually the company focused on developing collections of products for video and photo cameras and complementary equipment, offering original comprehensive solutions for the entire market: from a set of backpacks, bags, vests and pouches for the most professional TV team with a sophisticated video camera, sound gear, lighting and tripods, to the simplest pouch for a small point & shoot camera.

Over the years Kata evolved from a two man R&D laboratory to an organization that developed hundreds of products for thousands of clients worldwide, and became a leader in its field. The company’s products are branded Kata (www.kata-bags.com) and National Geographic (www.geographicbags.com).

In 2010, several years after Kata was acquired by the Vitec group, a UK company, Dror left with Nitzan, and together with Maoz, Gal and Yaron founded Abraham Hostels.

Dror embraced the vision of the 3 younger entrepreneurs, while finding a fertile ground for his old love for trekking and backpacking, and taking advantage of his experience and skills in management, branding and design.

Not holding any executive role in the organization, Dror has enough time to be with his family, at home, or traveling, trekking, skiing and sailing around the world.



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