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Events in Fauzi Azar

Fauzi Azar is the first hostel to open in the heart of Nazareth’s old city. It commenced operations in 2005 and since then has served as a meeting place for tourists and locals, and of the Nazarene Arab and international culture!

The large liwan functions as a central salon, with high decorated ceilings, and the courtyard is the perfect place for lounging and relaxing. At the Fauzi hostel you can enjoy live music performances and art exhibitions as well as rent the space for private events.

Weekly Events

During the week, Fauzi Azar is a quiet, family-oriented guest house, but when there is an event or celebration, no one can remain indifferent!

Arabic Class

Arabic Class

Every Monday and Wednesday, join us at 6:00 pm for a fun evening of Arabic Lessons, learning the

Mon. & We.
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Exhibitions and Rotating Events

Part of the DNA of the Abraham Group is art, and exhibiting the work of local artists is a very important element at each of the group’s hostels.

The walls in some rooms and in the hostel’s main salon are adorned with ancient and impressive ceiling art that was created over 200 years ago when Fauzi Azar House was built.

We are surrounded by Nazarene culture and local art merits respect at our hostel.


We thank our guests for recognizing us widely and nominating us for so many local and international awards.