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Evacuated Families Project

Israel is at war, and, as always, Abraham chooses to be a beacon of hope. We opened our doors in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Eilat, to host hundreds of families evacuated from the south and north of the country, as well as several NGOs, free of charge. We are focusing on assisting thousands of citizens who are not eligible for governmental funding, but must leave their homes. 

In the short term, we are focused on two objectives:

  • Abraham provides a wide and embracing package for the evacuees at no cost. The package includes accommodation in large rooms, enabling the entire family to be together (especially crucial during this period), free meals, emotional support through professional mental health organizations we partner with, diverse activities for children, and regular complimentary meals.

  • We provide a place for civil organizations that assist the civilian society and various communities in need.
בית חינוך אברהם

Abraham Education Center

As part of the efforts to create a stable and consistent routine for evacuated children, we collaborated with the Ministry of Education and operated a school and kindergarten in Abraham Jerusalem and Abraham Tel-Aviv. Batya Finkelstein, a school principal on sabbatical, led the school in Tel-Aviv. Along with her, a full staff of teachers and volunteers came to the hostels each day. In Abraham Jerusalem, we opened a kindergarten and pre-school. School supplies, such as chairs, desks, stationery, and more, were donated by private individuals.

החמל האזרחי

Civilian Emergency Center

The civilian emergency center team of Brothers in Arms coordinated its activities in Eilat for both evacuees and security forces. For us at Abraham Eilat, this represents a natural connection, and we wholeheartedly support their activities, embodying a spirit of generosity and volunteerism. Furthermore, they initiated the 'Atanachta' project, under which they arranged and financed guest rooms in Abraham Eilat. Families with children with special needs were invited to stay for several nights in the hostel, all expenses covered.


In Abraham, a community of evacuees from various places across the country – including small towns, cities, and kibbutzim – was formed. One of the most touching events that emerged from this new community and the friendships fostered was Afik's bar mitzvah celebration. The entire Abraham community and many volunteers came together to orchestrate this grand celebration.

גוף ונפש

Body and Soul

As part of our support for evacuees, we opened a dedicated and tranquil treatment area. Numerous therapists volunteered daily, offering a range of services including acupuncture, shiatsu, the Alexander Technique, the Ilan Lev Method, and more. Liat Manov Nuriel, an acupuncturist who was herself evacuated from her home, volunteered in Abraham's therapy area, committing herself to treat and support other evacuees. Besides the treatment area, the 'Acupuncturists Without Borders' association conducted several therapy circles each week at Abraham Tel Aviv. This registered nonprofit, established in 2012, aims to treat victims of emotional trauma without regard to race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation. It seeks to bring trauma treatment to all in need within Israeli society and to increase national awareness of emotional trauma and its treatability.

Our Partners

The hostels in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, and Eilat have been open from the first day of the war, hosting evacuated families, including those who are not eligible for governmental funding. We couldn’t have made it work without our business partners, volunteers, and generous donors

מפוני הדרום באברהם תל אביב
JUF logo

We would like to especially thank the Jewish United Fund of Chicago for their very generous donation to the Abraham Group. The Jewish community in Chicago rallied to enable us to continue hosting the many evacuees in our hostels. Their significant contribution reflects the strong connection between the Chicago Jewish community and us, and their deep concern and desire to assist and care for the well-being of the Israelis who were uprooted from their homes.

תרומות אוכל חברת OCP

From the moment Abraham Tel Aviv was filled with evacuees, volunteers from OPC Energy immediately arrived, and we want to thank them for standing with us and also for their significant financial contribution during this period.

תרומה עזריאלי
לוגו עזריאלי

The Azrieli Group generously donated to the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council, and we hosted the council’s residents in the Abraham hostels during the period when they were forced to leave their homes due to the war.

התנדבות סימילאר ווב

The digital company SimilarWeb rallied to support the system aiding families hosted at Abraham Tel Aviv, right from the first days of the conflict, with its representatives being present at Abraham Tel Aviv every day.

Additional Partners

Many volunteers have been instrumental in creating a cohesive community in the Abraham hostels and contributing to the well-being of the evacuees. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Yuli, the Office and Welfare Manager at BigID; Adi Meron, who personally led SimilarWeb’s activities at Abraham Tel Aviv; Chen Shapira, an artist, lecturer, and pedagogical instructor at the Kibbutzim College; Tamir Etting and the volunteers from the Suzanne Dellal Center; Devora Morteh, a talented juggling teacher and instructor; Dr. Matan Barak, Director of Development at the Center for Pedagogical Research at Ben-Gurion University and a philosophy teacher and lecturer; Eli Shoshanov, a combat belief instructor; David Amzalag, who regularly volunteered teaching mathematics and assisting the children of Abraham Educational Home; Reut Gordon, a dedicated educator; Shira and Gilad, who worked at Abraham Educational Home alongside Batya Finkelstein in Abraham Tel Aviv; Noam Anushi, a soldier teacher who accompanied the evacuated children; Oriana Givolli from the civilian command center; Tzlil Misgav and Sahar Amor, responsible for the contact treatment area; Gabi, who regularly volunteered and uplifted the spirits of the children at Abraham; Rai Shani, a talented Pilates instructor; Roni, who regularly volunteered at Abraham Tel Aviv and greatly assisted us; and Yael Shiller from “Anu Luna” Studio for the use of the studio and activities and events held there



Better future in the Middle East

While the Abraham family mourns with the nation over the terrible tragedy and the death of Maoz’s parents in Netiv HaAsara on the first day of the war, as well as the death of relatives of other employees, Abraham chooses to continue believing in a better future. We will continue to work for peace and justice, even in these difficult times.

Amid the grief and sorrow that has befallen Israel, we maintain optimism and are confident that together we will all manage to get through this period. Only through positive and joint action, by uniting all parts of society that are now mobilizing, can we demonstrate humanity and compassion towards each other and overcome this severe crisis.

We still believe that the Middle East will live in peace, and we know in our hearts that all people and nations can live side by side, shoulder to shoulder in brotherhood, friendship, and mutual peace.