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Abraham’s partnership with Flyeast Group is marking a significant expansion into international territories. This partnership paves the way for an exciting chapter of growth and exploration as we bring the essence of Abraham to new horizons.

The partnership between Abraham and Beer Bazaar is built on a shared set of values that resonate deeply with both organizations. Moreover, both Abraham and Beer Bazaar strive to provide spaces where individuals can come together, engage in conversations, and create connections that surpass cultural boundaries. Beer Bazaar warmly welcomes all, whether you are a craft beer enthusiast or searching for a refreshing drink after a day of work or travel.

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As part of a pilot project with Urban Daisy, an organization dedicated to integrating nature into urban environments, we unveil the first green roof and living lab on the rooftop of Abraham Tel Aviv. The green roof serves as a testament to our commitment to sustainability, providing environmental benefits, and is designed with functionality in mind.

Aqua Sun Village is exclusively distributed by Abraham, showcasing the ultimate beach destination in Nuweiba, a short 30-minute drive from Taba.