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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Here are the general terms and conditions of Abraham Hostel Jerusalem.


1. The following General Terms and Conditions apply for the Hostel Accommodation Contract (comprises and replaces the following terms: lodging contract, Customer reception contract, hostel contract, rooms contract, hostel room contract; hereinafter referred to as “Contract”) as well as all other services and supplies rendered to the customer (comprises and replaces the following terms: Guest, Ordering Party, Renter, Tour Operator, Agent) by Abraham Hostel Jerusalem.

67 Hanevi’im street,

Davidka Square


2. Deviating terms, also to the extent included in the General Terms and Conditions of the Customer, shall not apply unless expressly approved by the Hostel in writing.


1. Upon the Customer‘s request for a reservation, a Contract is brought about by the Hostel‘s corresponding confirmation of the reservation.

2. Contractual partners are the Hostel and the Customer. If a third party has made the reservation on behalf of the Customer, this party shall be liable vis-à-vis the Hostel jointly and severally with the Customer for all obligations resulting from the Contract if the Hostel is in possession of a corresponding declaration given by the third party. Independent there from, any Ordering Party is obliged to pass on all booking related information to the Customer, in particular the present General Terms and Conditions.

3. Sub- and re-leasing of rooms as well as their usage for purposes other than accommodation require the prior written consent of the Hostel.

4. Bookings can only be done by contractually capable people.

5. When booking beds in a shared room, Abraham Hostel will attempt to put people on the same booking in the same room, however this can not be guaranteed.

6. Adherence to the most up-to-date version of the House Rules is stipulated in this contract.These can be downloaded from the Hostel website- www.abraham.travel.

7. The maximum length of stay at the property per 3-month calendar period is limited to no more than 21 days in a private room, or no more than 14 days in a shared room.  Any extension to the maximum stay limit, whether offered as part of the original reservation, or agreed at a later date, is at the sole discretion of the property and may be subject to change at any time.


1. The Hostel is obliged to have the reserved rooms available according to the present General Terms and Conditions and to fulfil the services agreed upon.

2. The Hostel is by virtue of important reasons fully entitled to accommodate the Customer in another Hostel with comparable standards and services for the price agreed without recourse if the accommodation in the booked hostel is not possible.

3. The Customer is obliged to pay the prices applying to or agreed on for the provision of accommodation and additional services the Customer has made use of, respectively booked. This also applies to services and expenses of the Hostel vis-à-vis third parties incurred for performances rendered upon the Customer’s request.

4. The prices agreed include the applicable taxes. For Israeli tourists it is required to add the statutory Value Added Tax to the quoted rates.

5. Prices could be changed by the Hostel, if the Customer subsequently wants to change the number of the booked rooms, the services or the duration of the stay in the Hostel.

6. The Hostel is entitled to request, on the conclusion of the Contract or later, a security deposit in the form of a credit card guarantee. The credit card will not be charged before the arrival to the Hostel, unless the Reservation is booked with a Nonrefundable rate. If the reservation is booked with a nonrefundable rate- prepayment is required.

7. The total amount, less potential deposits, as detailed in an itemised bill, is due upon arrival unless otherwise arranged beforehand.


1. The Hostel gives the customer the right to revoke the contract at any time. In this regard, the following provisions:


Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the official check in time will not incur a cancellation fee. For cancellations that are made less than 24 hours prior to the arrival date, the Hostel is entitled to charge a cancellation fee in the amount on the agreed price of the first night, unless the reservation was booked with a non-refundable rate, in which case the booking is not eligible for a refund. 

For bookings of 3-5 rooms, cancellation without incurring any fees may be made at least 72 hours before check-in. For cancellations that are made less than 72 hours prior to the arrival date, the Hostel is entitled to charge a cancellation fee in the amount on the agreed price of the first night, unless the reservation was booked with a Nonrefundable rate, in which case they are non refundable and are not entitled to any refund.

Bookings of more than 5 rooms, or 15 or more guests, will be subject to the group booking terms and conditions as defined by the Sales Department, which may include a non-refundable deposit and a minimum length of stay

Cancellation requests must be made in writing and will be received by email only via: [email protected]

Non-refundable reservations-

Reservations booked at a non refundable rate will be charged in full upon making the booking. No refund is possible if canceled.

These reservations cannot be modified, and the nights cannot be transferred to other Abraham hostel locations.

Bookings made through agents and other Online Travel Agents are bound to the cancellation conditions that are communicated to them by the 3rd party in question.


Should the customer fail to give sufficient written notice of cancellation, meaning at least 24 hours prior to check in (2pm local Israel time), or fail to arrive (no show) at the hostel on the check in date, the entire booking will be deemed cancelled and the guest will be charged a fee equivalent to the charges applicable to the first night of their reservation. If the reservation was booked at a non refundable rate, no refund or compensation will be offered.


1. The Hostel shall be entitled to extraordinary revocation of the Contract for good cause, in particular, if

• Force majeure or other circumstances which do not fall under the scope of responsibility of the Hostel will make it impossible to perform the Contract;

• Misleading or incorrect statements of material facts have been used in booking rooms, for example, with respect to the person of the Customer, or the purpose;

• The Hostel has justified reason to assume that in case the Customer makes use of the Hostel’s services the smooth business operations, safety, or reputation of the Hostel in the public may be impeded, without such matters being attributable to the Hostel’s power of control or organization;

• The Hostel has gained knowledge that the financial situation of the Customer has considerably worsened after conclusion of contract, in particular if the Customer does not pay for due claims of the Hostel or does not provide sufficient security and as a result payment claims of the Hostel appear to be endangered;

2. The Hostel is obliged to inform the Customer of the exercising of the revocation right in writing without delay.

3. In the above cases of revocation the Customer is not entitled to compensation for damage.


1. The Customer is not entitled to the provision of certain specific rooms unless the Hostel has confirmed the provision of these specific rooms in writing.

2. For groups of 20 or more staying in multi bed rooms, the Hostel will distribute the room allocation.

3. Booked rooms shall be available for the Customer from 2.00 p.m. on the arrival date.

4. On the departure date, the rooms shall be vacated and at the Hostel’s free disposal by 11.00 a.m. at the latest.

5. If the actual number of Customers exceeds the number booked and expected, accommodation is not guaranteed for these additional members. In addition further charges may be applied to the customer’s account.

6. We are not a youth hostel and therefore can only accept children under the age of 18 when they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Families with children are, of course welcome


1. Changes or amendments to the Contract, in the acceptance of the offer or to these General Terms and Conditions shall be made in writing. Unilateral changes or modifications on the part of the customer shall be invalid.

2. Place of performance and payment shall be the registered office of the Hostel.

3. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for the Hostel Accommodation Contract be or become invalid or void, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. Moreover the statutory provisions shall apply.


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