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Yaron Burgin

Born in the city of Holon, Yaron studied law and business at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and worked a short time in an International high-tech company before beginning his life as a world backpacker.  Eight months in India and Nepal gave way to more extended travel through Southeast Asia and later through the US, Mexico and Guatemala.  Upon returning to Israel, he felt he should explore his own country as he had explored so many others.  

During a month backpacking in Israel he met Maoz Inon in his hostel, the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth.  The two went on to create ILH – Israel Hostels, a network of Israeli hostels with high standards of cleanliness, true backpackers’ vibes, affordable prices and “more than a bed to sleep in.” Yaron managed ILH for a few years, publishing annual hostel guides, creating a website, networking and marketing the hostels. 

On the same backpacking trip around Israel, Yaron found his new home at Shkedi’s Camplodge in Neot Hakikar, a small agriculture village south of the Dead Sea.  He stayed there two nights, met the owner and returned two weeks later to work, and later manage it, for 4 years. 

While working at Shkedi’s, the idea and initial plans for an ILH-suitable hostel in Jerusalem came about, and in the end of 2010, Yaron left Shkedi’s to come be one of the founders, owners and, as of June 2011, the hostel manager of Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. 

Throughout his involvement in the Israeli tourism and backpacking worlds, Yaron has been driven by his love for Israel’s diversity from its geography to its people, his knowledge of all there is to see and do here, and his desire to rectify the misperceptions the world has about his home country.  

He now lives in Almog, a small kibbutz in the Judean Desert by the Dead Sea, with his wife, Yaarah, and baby daughter Naama.


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